Take action for your good health.

We know that good health is crucial for a happy living. Our Mental health and physical health – both. Despite this, we have failed to take action in our own favor. Day after day, month after month and year after year, we have been postponing our health and fitness plan. Why?

When we are kids, we are not told to go out and run. We just love to run. We love to undertake physical and social activities. They give us immense joy. No one came and taught much about it. It is something that we had in our hearts.

But, as we grow, we start losing touch with our good health. physical and mental both. We are busy acquiring other forms of wealth. And we don’t realize when we turned from a slim fellow to the one with a flat tummy in front. We ignore to follow eating and sleeping standards.

And all that leads us to a stage in our lives where we sit down and think about it. That day, we might have reached a point of no return. This is what we start to think.

Any idea, why it all happens?

Yes, there are obvious reasons which you can easily identify. Like ignoring our health. Not having time to work out or go for a run. Unable to control our diet due to several factors. So jammed up with office work that we are forced to carry it home and work till early hours in the morning.

The reason we lose focus on our health is that we lack clarity. We lack clarity on the ways that we can be healthy. We all love to be healthy and fit but we don’t know exactly how? Those things like going to gym, running or working out sounds too time taking. I know a dozen people who have enrolled for the gym membership but they could not sustain going there for long.

staying healthy and fit is not a cumbersome process. It will be easy once we know how to do that. Unfortunately, we are not having classes or schools to teach that. So let me tell you a few things that can help you to gain focus on your good health.

There are three(3) essential components to our good physical health.

  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Exercising

Eating: We love to eat. We give preference to our taste buds over eating healthy food. Any guesses, why? Gain control over what you eat. few ways that I can suggest to you today:

  • Prefer home-cooked food. chances are that you will eat healthy diet. You will be able to avoid the junk, oily stuff.
  • Eat at regular intervals. Have an eating schedule. It means not skipping any of your meals. If you are not feeling hungry for some reason, you still make it to one or two items or a bowl of salads.
  • Look at what you eat in the morning, afternoon and evening. Don’t just eat anything and everything. Our body digests the food according to the time of the day.
  • Follow an eating plan of an inverted triangle.

Sleeping: This has become a much-ignored area of our good health. Many of us are facing sleep deprivation these days. Staying awake till late nights or sleeping for less than 6-7 hours every day is a crime. Get that right! Just like our cell phones, our body needs to recharge and rejuvenate and sleeping is the best way to do that.

Exercising: We tend to believe that the best way to stay healthy is by exercising. Exercising is, of course, a key component of our good health. And we tend to believe that not being able to give time to the gym or yoga is causing all this ill-health. This is not the case.

More than exercise, our body needs to be mobile and active. We are living sedentary lives. We are doing most of the things by sitting. This should change. Become physically active. Give your maid a holiday. Take some days to work alongside your maid and find the joy in being physically mobile.

Physical activity has been found to be of immense help to keep up our health. I keep looking for ways to get moving at home. So, I do the chores like mopping, dusting, cleaning my bookshelf more often, making my bed, doing the utensils in the kitchen, washing my car on the weekends, getting the kids ready for school, giving them shower, watering the plants in my garden etc. There is no dearth of activities that you can undertake to get moving at home. Try any of these and you will see the difference in your physical health status.

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