Show care to shoe care

The days I polish my shoes, their eyes brighten up. They look up and smile and tell me, “thank you darling, love you”. 

The foot wear is an important part of your personality. A lot may be determined about you by having a look at your shoes. 

No matter how hat shoes you wear, make sure that you take good care of them. 

If they are leather shoes, they may require a regular polish. By polishing the shoes, we not only make them look bright and shiny, the polish adds life to them. 

Leather shoe polishing is an art. If you have been assigning this task to someone else, try it sometimes. And I promise you will love it. 

If you don’t get the time to polish, atleast they do need a proper dusting. Please do that. Keep a brush close to the footwear chamber so that you can simply get going in seconds. 

Liquid polish is another good option. Use the liquid polish alternately. Easy to apply and use. No brushwork required. Just make sure that you have cleaned the dust from the surface before you apply the liquid polish. 

Your sports and running shoes nerd a special treatment. They are made of rubber and fine fabric. The front part of the shoes are meant for air circulation inside the shoes. So, over a period of time, the dust starts to settle in the mesh. 

I would suggest you to do simple trick. Every day before you put them on, hold the two pieces together and bump them into each other. The dust will leave the surface and you will be pleased to see the surface clean and airy. 

They also need cleaning from time to. Time. So when they start to look dull, then that’s the time that you nerd to take them to bath. 

For cleaning the shoes, remove the shoe laces first. Then, take a bucket half filled with water and mix some good quality detergent in it. Now take your shoes and rinse them. Allow them to get fully wet by leaving them alone for approx half an hour. 

Now, take them out and use a soft brush and scrape through the various parts fonthe shoe in one direction. You would need to be extra cautious about the front meshing. If it is too delicate, then don’t use the brush. Use your fingers and palm and rub gently. 

Now, give them a good shower so they can enjoy the glory of bathing.  Chnagr the water atleast two times. By then, all the detergent would have bid good bye to the shoes. And your shoes will be feeling better and brighter. 

Now, take them out of the tub and put them out in the sun for drying. And it may take approximately 3-4 hrs to fully become ready and fresh for use. 
Similarly, your other kind of footwear like sandals and sneakers should be kept in good humor. After all, what you wear is what you are! 

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