The Benefits of running solo – My Personal experience.

A runner is a runner whether he is running with a group or running solo.  I don’t distinguish in his identity. 

I have done a lot of running in these 6 years starting January 2018.  And most of the running that I have done so far was solo running.  So, I think I must some insights into the act and the process of solo running. 

From day 01, I have found myself in the shoes of a solo runner.  So, it wasn’t my choice that I run solo from the starting. It was more about how I found myself at that time.  Getting company of people who would love to be runners is a rare occurrence in my neighbourhood. 

And that’s why this poses like the big resistance for anyone who wants to start running or start their fitness journey.  We all need the initial push.  And we expect that to come from your run buddies. But if had waited for the push from the outside, I would have never started. I am lucky the push came from within.

It was the wake-up call from within.  From the deep consciousness I should say. My mental and physical health had started deteriorating.  I was through the depressive and the most traumatic phase after losing my dad. His mortality was the bolt from the blue.

So, I was in the urgent need of repair.  So I had no time or space to think if I could wait for the support of fellow runners.  It was like a do or die for me. 

Later I realized that being a solo runner could be such a BIG blessing.  So much so that I am now any day a Solo runner by choice.  It brings in so many benefits that getting into a group may seem like getting robbed of them. 

So, let us discuss some of those amazing benefits of running solo.

Full freedom of time and place

When you are on your own, you have no compulsion to choose an appropriate time.  I think and attribute my solo running for the consistent approach since 2018.  I these years I have run more than a person would run from Kashmir to Kanyakumari more than twice.  All I did was choose MY time of run and my place of racing tracks.

As a working professional, there are times when I get late from work.  Now suppose you have been running with a running partner who is having some other timing.  You will surely miss your run if are buddied to someone for the running.     

Running solo frees you of that botheration.  You can decide to lace up your shoes anytime and decide to move anywhere.  Running solo provides that ultimate freedom. 

The time used for insightful thinking or listening

Ok, this is huge.  When I started running, I was suffering from many mental disorders.  My mind was exploding with the aftermath of strained relationships in my life.  I was living with the trauma of losing my dad.  The work seemed to be painful and unbearable. 

And I did not get time to breathe peacefully except when I moved out for running.  The running time was when I felt very peaceful.  I would soak in a lot of oxygen and took deep breaths.  In the misty morning with a rising sun and the tranquil environ I felt so much energized.  The pains in my life seemed to take a back seat.  I started to experience the total peace within.

And when you are able to feel better, you forgive all the wrong doers of your life.  I could see that process happening in my life. 

I would often listen to wonderful speakers and healers like Robin Sharma, Jim Rohn and tuned into music whenever I wanted to.  Had I been hooked to running with a friend of mine, I would have made my life even a bigger hell by simply discussing all the shit that was there in life. 

When you are alone with yourself, you turn yourself into your own friend, philosopher and a guide.  And the act of moving your steps is keeping all your senses utmost alert sending the most soothing signals. 

Running solo was able to take me out of depressive disorders.  I discovered the ME TIME WITH THE SELF.

Music and all that I wanted to do that I could not do

While on long runs we easily end up spending 2-3 hrs.  I would often go for half marathons on Sundays or holidays.  And I found them very relaxing.  Being out in the open air and breathing deeply and moving all your body put you into the best mood. 

And add to it the music that you could play into your ears.  I would plug myself into listening to all the melodies that I have been missing due to lack of time in my life for them.  Running solo made it possible.  There is no need to listen to the rants of fellow runners.  While you are running in a group you have to give away your time that you have found and lost it. 

I think we are so busy with people around us that we do need to get away from the civilization for few hours every day.  It works like a detox.  We are able to purify ourselves and come back into civilization to give our best. 

Solo running has made me stronger than my excuses

A lot of people feel shy to run solo.  A lot of people feel shy to go to movie halls as a loner.  A lot of people feel out of place being alone. 

But running has taught me a very strong lesson that I have now implemented in almost every walk of my life.  If you do not have people with the like mindedness, don’t worry you will turn the tide all on your own.  You don’t need an army of people to experience peace and joy.  In fact, the source of joy and peace is within each of us.  And we need to isolate ourselves to experience those gems. 

I don’t wait on people who have no time or giving excuses after excuses.  This was I have grown very strong and independent.  If I want to do a task, I just move ahead.  And I have seen that it has helped me to leave all the sour experiences behind in life. 

Solo running has taught me that EKLA DAUDO is as good as EKLA CHALO call given by the great Nobel Laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.   

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