Running slow

Me and my wife, have started to run together. She has joined lately after she got convinced that I was not kidding around for the past 2 yrs.

So, let’s talk about today’s running. It is a holiday today. On holidays, there is no rush to get the kids ready. So, my wife prefers to get up late. By 8 am or so. But, our running schedule these days has helped her to cut down on her weekend’s laziness.

We started our running at around 7:30 am. We left our kids to bask in the sun. We got them out of the room and told them to stay in the sun till we come back. This way, our running schedule has helped us to get our kids out of bed and spend time in the sun. This is good for their growth.

We started with walking. I switched on my smartwatch. My smartwatch is my big companion. No matter where I run. It records all my running activities and throws up data. I live to see how much I have run in how many hours. You see this works in my favor.

When you are able to measure what you are doing, you are certain to make progress.

After we got comfortable post-warm-up, we started to start running. We ran very slow today. Somehow, the stillness in the surroundings was telling me to feel the calmness. This is one of the big advantages of running in the morning.

We ran for around 15 min before we killed our speed and slowed to zero. We kept repeating this walk-run-walk throughout our run.

We reached a place where we could find an opportunity to click some pics. Here they are :

A runner should just have one goal: to run. The pleasure that you get out of the running is your biggest reward. You can not get this reward if your focus is on running with other motives.

Enjoying the process of run is what will help you overcome your limitations. So run for the love of it.

I started running 2 years ago. I started running at 2 km. Since then, I have done beautiful runs almost every day. I have done some official runs as well. Shortly, I will run the Tata Mumbai Marathon. But, I must tell you the most joy came when I had no running goals.

That’s why I suggest you run. Slowly but enjoy it to the core. Keep running.

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