Running helps you develop resilience.

You have heard this word, attitude. You need to have a attitude. You need to have a right attitude. You need to have a positive attitude. 
In this post, I want to talk about an attitude that I find most effective: an attitude of a warrior. 
Who is a warrior? 
He is the one who fights back. He is the one who is not afraid of the uncertainties. He is interested in fighting. He knows that he may lose but he fights to win. 
He chooses his battles. He makes sure that he is well prepared for the ensuing one and also takes home the learnings so that he can win the future ones. 
Warrior attitude is not about Givin up. It’s about taking the challenges head on. I was told to keep my positivity and have the right attitude but they did not make the complete sense to me. 
I discovered my warrior attitude while I started running. It was difficult for me to run long distance. I had never done that in my life. No amount of knowing the health benefits could have made me run so long and do far. 
But, I found my rhythm in running.  I enjoyed the process. I was never worried about what kind of performance I was giving. As long as I was able to run and see some improvement every day, I was happy about it. 
My running thing happened in those moments of my life when I was hitting the rock bottom of my life. I was in pieces. Running saved me and gave me a good escape from the challenges. 
By running, I was finding it possible to disconnect myself from the boring life. For the time I ran, I found joy and

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