Running helps you breathe: better

Your prana(life) lies in breathing.

A marathon runner manages his breathing for several hours at a stretch.

He never lets the breathing take over him. When we gain control over our breathing, we can gain control over our thoughts.

You might have felt that when you get angry, you feel a rush of adrenalin plus your breathing gets heavier.

And with a sigh of relief, you take a deep breath. When a fear strikes, you tend to get breathless.

So, you see, there are interlinks between the emotions and the pace of breathing.

A marathon runner cultivates the habit of running with a deep breath. Deep breath is a kind of relaxed mind.

Therefore, marathon running or for that matter long distance running of any sort provides ample opportunity to learn to breath well.

I have always felt better after a run. So much so that it makes me wonder why running is so magical. It never leaves you feeling agitated or angry.

After a long run, your body is almost on the verge of breaking down. Your legs are cramping up. Your bones and joints are feeling intense pain.

Your muscles might have turned sore. But despite all this brings your spirits to such a high level that you wish to experience time and again.

Those who watch us long distance runners from distance may see our intense struggle but they fail to experience our mindfulness.

As long as you are running, you can’t think of anything else. At least, you are not thinking of what’s wrong with your life. But, you get into the deep contemplative mood of fixing those wrongs.

No matter what speed or pace you run at but try sometime running 5k/10k or a half or a full marathon. It will change your life.

It will change your life it changes the way you breathe. You learn to breath better and hence your life is full of life and you become so lively.

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