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I started to run on WhatsApp. Not literally but quite socially.

I have been sharing my pics and running stats for over two years now. And I always wondered if I was doing the right thing. Many times, I did not receive a single reply on my post. Still, I went ahead and kept posting. There is this small little school group of mine on WhatsApp. The group encouraged me a lot and appreciated my efforts to run with joy.

Sharing has a way to uplift you. Especially when you present something and people come clapping for you. You feel accepted. You feel that your work has been recognized. But, this is far from the truth. Had it been the case, I would have stopped sharing long back. There have been days where I did not receive a single like or appreciation.

I announced to my school group on December 30, 2017, that we all should come out in the morning and run. I announced it as a number of 1 resolution for the year. I wanted to contribute to my school friends’ lives in a positive way. I had started the ritual of giving away what I could after listening to one of the life-changing speeches about APJ Abdul Kalam in Raigarh. Since then, I had been to schools and colleges o share with them whatever I could. I found it profoundly positive and adding to my life. I felt happier and more peaceful than ever before. I had stopped whining over minor things in my life.

So, when I met my long lost school mates in November 2017, I had since been thinking about adding an element to their well being. And it turned out to be Health. I had been running for some time and I had found it therapeutic. I wanted to share the joy and the excitement of running. So, I did. I started to talk about running every day through pics and stats. And the business has been going on since 1st January 2017. Today, I am glad to tell you that I share my message of health and running on FB, TWITTER, WHATSAPP, INSTAGRAM and now this blog.

Sharing my running story has become my passion now. And I am now writing a full-fledged book on running. It has added one more dimension to my life. And I am pretty happy about that.

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