Running bare feet

Did a bare feet running today. It was raining and I thought about this idea.

And it turned out to be very rewarding. I could run up and cover 2.5 km in all.

My pace was slow and I was a bit cautious of any sharp pebbles, glass pieces etc. However, I was happy I didn’t find any. Infact, this is a usual route I take and it’s quite green and muddy. So, in rains, it became double awesome.

Bare feet running can give you a better kick than running in shoes. But, bare feet running needs a proper care of your feet.

Running bare feet exposes all the nerves in your feet to the ground earth and the electric charge of the earth gets transmitted through out your body. It is so because almost all the part of the body have got connections to your feet.

Remember, how a doctor hits the feet with a tong to check the consciousness.  Running is beneficial to your brain as running causes maximum physical movement.

I have noticed people in my village enjoying themselves knee deep in the mud farming in the rains. And that is one of the many things that I have learned. Being bare feet will help your blood circulation as well.

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