Running and life lessons

Running has made me learn about life lessons.

While running, I came to realize how I was at fault for the misgivings in my life.

The instructions of instruction that we have: school, college, work etc put primacy on success. Running made me realize that success is not important. Happiness is.

With running, I learned that pain is an integral part of our growth process. I started running to distract my self from the pain that was in. I had family falling apart, loss of my dad and the unbearable pain attached with all this. I grew from running 2 km to 21 km at an age when my pals have started to retire mentally. My game is just beginning.

I can be happy only if I am healthy mentally and physically healthy. I learned this on the ground running. Soon after my run would get over, I felt the exuberance, the excitement, the optimism to go ahead and face the world.

Every day, I get up in the morning and I have my ikigai feeling. I want to go out and enjoy run with the rising sun. This is an unbeatable feeling. Every day, I get back home with a Victorious mind and the attitude of a warrior.

Love and passion can move mountains. I run and keep an annual running target. I have covered more than 3000 km in running so far and growing stronger every day. Little work every day lead to sterling performance. Love your work and keep moving a little every day. That’s the recipe of a dish called success.

When I am happy and content, I am more giving. I share my feelings, my experience, my dreams and help others to live a happy life.

I left shame behind to start running at a ripe age as per society standards. But, what to do, I just woke up. And I realized that I need not follow what others tell me. Listen to your heart and do what you feel.

I am not perfect. And I am fine with it. I have not won medals or came first in any race. I got the reward of being part of the race and putting my best forth.

Being alone doesn’t mean I am lonely. I have my faith with me. I started to spend more time with my faith, my beliefs and my dreams. I realized, it was long due. And guess what, it’s true. I feel content loving myself and caring to hoots what others will say, do or think. I love this feeling.

Being in the midst of chaos need not make me chaotic. The outside world can be chaotic. I have my world. My inner world. I built my inner empire and I live in that like a king.

No comparison. I have stopped comparing. All I do is appreciate others and only compete against my yesterday.

Love is the most powerful emotion an dthe fear is the most dreadful one. Love and do things. Dont do things, because you fear the fall outs.

I wrote this while getting back home from office at 9 pm. Anything that you want to add here about what you got from running? I am eager to know that.

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