Run up to TMM 2023

30 th October 2022

Today, I did my firstong run aimed at tmm 2023.

Will be running the tmm after a gap of more than 2 years.

And there’s a lot to improve upon. Today’s run was focussed on activating the fat burn Process.

Fuelling is a major issue while running a marathon. Our body uses the carbs calories readily available.

And no matter how much eat or overeat, you get gutted out in approximately 2 hrs.

So, the next major source that you should try is : fats available in your body.

The fats burn when you can train your body for long hours on a sustained basis. So, these long runs will help to activate the fat burning capacity in Body which would eventually help during the crucial second half of the marathon.

Training well means taking your time without over exhausting.

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