Run slow to run better

Running slow is…


You gotta be blessed with wisdom of running to make you a good runner.

My last 2 years running streak has given me enough stuff to see my calling. Inspire others to run better and be better.

Oyr mind is a software. You have this program written down by the developers : schools, colleges, friends, peers, parents..

And they always taught us to be THE best. The best in class, the best in school, the best, the best,…

But, what is really good and of long term value.. They could never tell.

Imagine a person spending his one hour studying 5 subjects. And a mediocre ignoring the 4 and mastering just one…whi is standing a better chance at long term success.

Ha, ha… That’s the secret. Running has multiple parameters to watch out for. And the technology has thrown in even more. But, you can’t focus on all of that..

Focus on one. And the best thing to focus on would be to… Focus on building a running system.

What is a running system :

It’s the optimal performance design for our body. Every part of your body giving you the best support in your running.

To build a optimal performance design, you need to run slow. Slow running helps to activate the dormant parts of our body. It allows enough time for them to warm up and come to the surface. They are like your women who takes tkme to get turned on… But once she is… You know, she becomes unstoppable.

Slow running helps to build a strong aerobic base v running llibg distance is an aerobic exercise. It requires tons of oxygen. The body will process the oxygen better when it is allowed to breathe better. Therefore, we need to run at a pace that is difficult for us to talk but still we can breathe with comfort. Running slowly allows the lungs to learn to expand to their full capacity. The brain also gets enough leverage by running slow and running long. It starts to release the body snacks : endorphins, serotinins, BDNF. These are like nutritious foods that feed your mind and make the mind body feel better.

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