Revolutionize your health and fitness in 2023.

Industrial revolution did not happen until the steam engines came in. The IT revolution happened once the internet was in place. And then the broadband connectivity at seamless speed improved the story further.

Just the way, the revolutions happen when they find the right triggers, our health can get to a whole new level by understanding this. Yes, we all need one or two such triggers in our fitness journey that would catapult us onto the fitness-highway. And that thing is called the catalyst.

So, how do one find such a trigger or a catalyst?

Start your fitness journey slow. A lot of people who start their fitness journey take a very linear approach. They draw an action plan based on their knowledge(without experience). And above all, they want to see the results.

It is a good idea to have a goal in the mind. You may be interested in losing the extra kilos. You may be trying to shift from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active lifestyle. And these are all great goals.

But, simply having goals won’t get you there. If point A is the starting point and the point B is the point where you want to reach, then the gap that lies in between is what you need to first focus on. And that gap is called the process.

Until and unless, you have the process in place, it is near to impossible to transform our fitness. I very vividly remember how I have suffered for several years because I did not focus on the fundamentals first – the process.

So, the process is one such catalyst or the trigger point that you may want to develop for your fitness transformation. And that will take time. Before, you can create a process, you will need to understand your body and the psychology.

Our mindset plays a very big role in helping or simply becoming a stumbling block for our own self. I have suffered due to ill habits like late waking up, staying too late and bingewathing etc.

So, how does one create a process?

The process that you will create should be tailor made. I mean customize the fitness routine to your life. Those who are working in the nights can not have the luxury of sunrise in the morning and go for the run.

So, first have a look at your work and family commitments. For example, I have got kids who need to be dropped to their school in the morning. So, I have customized my morning runs to their school timings. (but I did not five up my runs!)

So, attune your workouts to your other commitments. Don’t expect to have all the luxury in the world like professional athletes and sports persons if you are a working person like me. Nevertheless, don’t stop dreaming of your mind-body transformation. You can still do this.

Look at your physical strengths and mental strengths and capitalize on them.

Do you have any existing love for any game? Do you find any physical workout or yoga posture easy to do because your current body state permits it?

If you have one, it’s a wonderful thing. Start with that. We don’t need to copy anyone. Some of my friends are cyclists, some love skating, others love soccer game and then the majority love cricket. No matter what your love is, just start doing that to Kickstart your fitness journey.

I had never been any kind of a sports person. But I have always loved reading books. So, what I did was that I bought the book, Pumping Iron, by Arnold Shwarzneggar and stared reading it. This book has got a lot of glossy pics and a very little written content. I will sit there with this book during my workout time and read.

And one day, I eventually could tell myself and moved myself to get on the treadmill, start lifting weights and do push-ups.

I call these connectors or the bridges. Find the bridges. So, having got inspired to go to gym and start doing workouts, I found the treadmill running the easiest of all in the gym. At that time, I had no idea that I was born to run. Run a marathon one day.

I simply loved the company of fellow treadmill runners on the other treadmill by the side. And that felt well, the running part. So, when I set out on the fitness journey, running turned into a great tool that has helped me to transform my life, not just health and fitness. Marathon running is a BIG metaphor for how I face my life.

Focus on process, the results will follow

As I wrote this blog post to become an ace blogger, my intent is not to write as the best blogger. I am just writing and doing it consistently so that I can carve out a process that I can repeat day after day after day.

And this is what you need to do for your fitness journey. Create a process and repeat and train yourself to do it zillion times and still feel like you are on day 1 – full of excitement and the energy to learn!

Forget about where you want to reach and focus on the daily work. And make your daily works your points of joy. Find the joy in what you did today. So, do it that way that it brings in a lot of enthusiasm for the next day.

In simple words, I would say – stay slow and enjoy the journey. Don’t rush.

Conclusion remarks.

Onec you learn to survive, you will have all time in the world to thrive and transform. Keep it slow and steady. That’s it.

This is what will trigger a better tomorrow and help you find your catalyst.

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