I treat health at 3 different levels.


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We are mostly focussing on our physical health to find our fitness. But these the physical, mental and spiritual health are like 3 concentric circles with physical being the outer one and spiritual being the innermost.

When I started to work on my fitness or rather I should say the time from when I started my fitness journey, I have felt these 3 levels. It was only a matter of time before I could see them categorically. And as I worked on my fitness day after day, I started to feel better about myself. And that I would call my relationship with my own self.

However, there is another aspect of health that we are either unaware of or don’t care about: Our relationship with others.

Although we do care about our relationships with people in our family, work, and life. However, we are hardly acknowledging the fact that they could be a serious health parameter to our overall fitness and health.

I must say our relationships with people matter to our health. Look at them not just as people in your life. Start looking at them as people who are going to impact your overall health. You might have felt this when someone would have caused stress for you. You might have started to avoid that person. And would have felt peaceful. Now, that is about your mental peace. Mental peace is a part of mental health.

So, you need to be careful about the people you may want to deal with in life. Don’t deal with such people who are toxic in nature. These are those people who will bring negativity in life and talk pessimistically.

Once Budha was asked, “Sir! What is anger?”. Lord Budha had replied, “It is punishing yourself for the mistake you never made”

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As you can feel from the above quote how stupid we could be at dealing with emotions. They just come to us and we are challenged to deal with them. So, what we can do is make sure that we don’t fall into pits by these negative emotions. Negative emotions will damage our health.

You need to understand that our physical, mental, and spiritual health is in one continuum or they be called these are 3 different dimensions. And hence may look to be not related. But they are!

Hence having mental peace in your relationships will go a long way in improving your overall health. Therefore, start looking out for having the right kind of people in life. Avoid the toxic people in your life as they would only bring the baggage of their own traumas and distress into your life. If it is someone who you cannot part away with then try to help that person.

But the bottom line should be to not deal with bad relationships. Relationships go a long way in helping us become healthy and fit.

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