Purpose, not emotions work

make purpose your focus, not the emotions. And it is more likely that you will be able to deliver on the purpose. 

Be it your office work or the family or the personal, you need to understand that emotions are overrated. 

You gain clarity on your goals when you become driven by purpose. 

Your fitness journey is not about the emotional highs. Because you are not going to be feeling spirited at all times. 

You will have times when you will be low. In such times, look at your exercise regimen or the lifestyle attributes simply as a way to reach a purpose. 

To stay driven by purpose and not emotions, you must create a system. Systems approach helps to carry out the purpose with as much accuracy as you are capable of bringing. 

Motivation videos, speeches, books and films that give you an emotional are like pills. You toss them and then you get pumped up for the time being. 

But, to stay motivated and being able to deliver it day after day after day, you need a way of doing things. 

Systems approach is a way of doing things. 

How to build your system 

Remember that you cant be living your life on borrowed knowledge. You need to build your own body of knowledge that will allow you to function. 

What it means is that each of us have a unique set life situations. And we know what challenges and opportunities we have. 

For example, I figured out that my job takes me to small towns. And I work till late hours with no fixed closing hours. But, I also figured out that my office starts only after a certain time. This allowed me to understand my own availability. 

Then, I created a workable daily plan. That’s very imp. And to get the plan take off, put it down on paper and gloss over it. 

And slowly the plan took off. It took me more than half a year to understand my own scenario. Most people fail to start but more people fail to continue. And the reason is not far to seek : they try to copy some celebrity. 

“Others template won’t work for me. I need to understand this.”

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