I want to tell a part of my fitness story through my jeans pants.

Yes, you heard it right! We will hear about jeans and how it has been a big inspiration to help me get fit.

This is my black pair of jeans trousers. And this is a normal pair of jeans pants by any standard.

We all love wearing jeans. Jeans has something so cool about them. They are nicely fitting for any occassion. You can wear them casually without ever getting conscious about what you are wearing on any occassion. They simply fit into any time of the year. Be it cold winter or hot summers.

I fancied about buying a good pair of jeans trousers for myself. And I was in college that time. My dad would send me just enough money into my bank account to meet the hostel expenses and pay my mess charges. So, when my heart fell on buying a cool pairs of jeans trousers for myself, I had to think twice about it.

Where would the money come from? I would think, I am merely a student. And I am staying away from home.

But, I have always loved to listen to my heart despite my circumstances. So, I started to plan for purchasting a nice paris of jeans trousers.

Back in those days in college, we had one opportunity to earn – ODCs. on a

You might me wondering what are ODCs. So, let me give you a quick perspective of ODCs. ODC stands for Out Door Catering. I was studying in a hotel management college in Bangalore. Hotel Management is about learning the hospitality industry. Here, you get to learn about cooking, customer service, housekeeping and ofcourse from a management perspective. So, those who pass out from the course aspire to become Chefs, Facility Managers, Housekeepers, Public relations managers etc.

As part of the training, we as student got the chance to attend real time hospitality events at 5 star hotel chains. And Bangalore has a huge cluster of such big brands in hospitality industry. On these occassions like conference events, big conventions, celebrity events, the hotels required additional hands to help them. So, they would call upon hotel management colleges like ours to get boys who could lift the cheffing dishes, put the frills and attend on the guests for service.

And WE GOT PAID for these kinds of works. It ranged from 75 bucks to 150 bucks depending on occassion and brand.

So, I planned to volunteer for some of these events to generate funds for my pairs of Jeans trousers. And after a few months, I was able to go to one BIG SALE at Safina Plaza to get for myself a COOL PAIRS OF JEANS TROUSERS. And I bought it.

I bought it all for Rs. 599/- Only. It was a huge sum for me. And moreover, it was the first ever jeans I bought from my own earning. It meant the world to me.

And this is why I have always kept it in my wardrobe. Whether I wore it or not.

And gradually, I started to expand. I started to gain weight and my waist started to support the BIG BANG THEORY. The jeans got hidden under the ppiles of newer clothes much better in quality and looks.

But these superior looking and priced clothings had one thing that I didnot like – they made me look fat.

Atleast this is what I thought initially. I was getting fatter by day losing touch with my now old pairs of jeans trousers.

One day, while I was busy in cleaning the wardrobe, this master piece came out. As my hands touched it, they felt the whole story in a matter of seconds. I stood up from the debris of clothes and started to take a look at the jeans. It looked so elegant. Long legs, and nicely fitting waist of 32″.

Merely looking at the masterpiece made me feel so different. I wanted to wear them. I wanted to get into them again.

And today, I am glad to say, I do fit in them without much problem.

Getting into a pairs of jeans trousers of your 20s in 40s is a kind of dream I live with. And I am happpy to achieve them.

And I know that this masterpiece is there with me always to inspire to keep fit to deserve it’s fitting.

Please share any such story that you have that inspired your fitness journey.

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  1. Nice writing. Wow it takes me back to my old days of buying my first jeans. Great motivation. Keep up this great work

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