Plan your care

Let me talk about the importance of planning your care in this post. 

When you plan your actions, you are bound to do better than doing it unplanned. 

The first and the foremost benefit that you will get out of planning is that you have anticipated the whole thing. And this allows for provisioning of proper timing and resources. 

You will not have anything else to come in between your plan of action and you. You will do it! 

When you plan, you also stimulate your mind and imagine the action in your mind before you roll it out in the real world. This helps you to see the work that you will do. And this allows you to see what could go wrong and what could go right.

But, when you plan, plan it on paper. I mean pick up a piece of paper and a pen and write down your plan. That puts the plan in concrete form. Otherwise, most plans in the mind are volatile and they just will vaporise and fly away long before you are able to remind yourself of them. 

Written down plans are difficult to be taken lightly. A kind of comment is established by putting things in writing. Writing the plan on paper is giving your consent. 

So, no matter what you want to do in life, if you are ever serious about getting it done then plan it, write it and keep reminding yourself of your vision to execute the plan. 

Your plan is a part of a bigger game called vision for your life. So, plans are life altering. Lot of people are scared of planning as they fear that their plans will notaterialise. They are afraid that their dreams will never become a reality. 

But that’s wrong. You may not shoot the star in your first shot. But taking that first shot is important to learn and move to the next shot. Until you begin, how can you ever reach your destination? 

Plan is therefore a tool, a very powerful tool to transform your life. You write down your plans and then start. 

My advice is to make small tiny plans to begin with. For example, make plans for today and tomorrow. Make plans for doing smaller things like waking up, going to bed, spending time with family, looking after your mind and body, resting, reading, writing or whatever you are most interested in. 

We don’t get time for things that are not planned beforehand. We get so tied up with our work and the daily chores that we forget to dream and desire better things. Life without dreams is such a dry experience. 

All those things that are associated with your work and professional life will get the push as others have the stake in it. But, who will help you push for your own self, your own well being or not you yourself. You gotta do it all alone. 

This is the reason that you will not be audited, chargesheeted or noted for not falling to have meals on time, failing to sleep for 7 hrs.  You regret when you suffer! Making it one of the top regrets in the world’s best selling book, the top 5 regrets in people before they die. 

Have a notebook or a diary or a journal and put all this down into them. Your meal plans, your running plans, your resting plans, your free time plans. You need to prioritise yourself.

You need to get selfish at times because people may feel sorry for you for sometime but not forever. They will just move on with their lives as you will rest in your grave! 

Therefore you gotta take your care seriously. Because you are your best friend and the best care giver! 

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