Physical work is work of dignity and of health and fitness:

Today morning I decided to take a break from the morning run.

Today I thought that I should do something at home and non running. Nevertheless, I yearned for the endorphin rush that I get to experience when I run.

I now know for sure that physically moving ourselves gets us in a better mood and makes us feel better. This is due to our Brain releasing the happiness harmones like dopamine.

So, I did some home chores today. Home chores help you to get productive on two ends. One is your health ofcourse. And the other is productive work as part of a family member.

I chose to do dusting, sweeping and mopping work. Lot of us miss this wonderful opportunities that beckons us everyday, every morning due to our tilted attitudes towards the physical work.

Doing physical work can bring you a lot of peace and joy. Try and lemme know!!

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