2 big spiritual experiences today :

  1. My shoelaces
  2. My toe injury.

First, lemme talk about the toe injury.

The previous day, while running, I had injured my lef toe. It was so severe that my shoe will be in a pool of blood. So, I quickly removed the shoe and socks to look inside.

Thank God! There was nothing as such. But, it was an unbeatable pain to touch the toe later.

Later in the evening, I was unable to walk without lumking. I could feel the sensation as I dragged myself to my car when I got out of my office to go home.

My toe injury : it turned black on 07.12.20.

However, I could complete my 5k.

However, the last night, I just told myself and wondered, “would I be able to run for the next few day?”

I had no answer to tell myself. But, deep at the core of my heart, I wanted to run. So, I told myself good night and wait for the next morning.

And today, without even realizing what had happened to my toe the previous day, I automatically was drawn to my run routine.

So, I put on my t, short and put on the shoes. Even while wearing the shoes, I didn’t realize that I was afflicted with pain and injury.

T was only when I got up and walked out side the house, and started my cadence that I realized the whole incident.

So, I started evry slow. I walked upto some distance. But I felt as if I could run. So, I attempted to run slowly trying not to impact my toe.

And to my great surprise, I was able to run. I took on a medium pace and told myself to maintain the flow. That’s it. No goals today.

The finishing of 5k somehow will be the big goal. And I just put on the headphones and listened to the lovely music flowing into my ears.

Guess what! I am typing this the first thing after my great 5k run. I had my smart watch pull the buzzer of 5k at 31minutes.πŸ€—πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ

I never realize this kind of power that I did today.

I did not like the new shoelaces that came with the pair. I rather loved the shoelaces of my old pair, GT 2000.

  1. The second experience is about my shoelaces. I had changed my shoelaces of the new kayano.

So, I had removed and replaced them into my new pair of shoes.

My black shoes laces that came with the new pair of GEL Kayano. And the one in the shoe are of GT 2000.

Today, I found the reason for that. My old but lovable shoelaces have the wax into them. And that’s what make them slippery and easy to pull in and out and tie them easily.

The waxed shoelaces I guess are better than the flat unwaxed ones…

You may also try these shoe laces. I have been using them but never realize how they were so comfortable!!


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