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*_The goals that are not made public are always under threat of destruction.*_

You know it for sure. You have tried several times to set up yourself for a fitness routine. And most likely, you have had miserable time.  You forgot to keep it going after some time.

This is exactly what used to happen to me.  I have attempted several times to get things going.

The result remsined the same until 2 years ago when I made a radical change in my approach to my fitness program. I knew for sure that the things that haven’t worked do far can’t work for future. I needed a way to find an unvreable fitness program. A program that I can keep regular.

So, this became my first and the foremost priority.  So, this is what I tried. It’s going to unravel the *BIG* secret. So, get me all your ears!!

Just few days before 1st Jan 2018, I told my school group friends on what’s app to start running with me.

So, some of them found it exciting enough to come out and race along. Almost every one applauded the idea. For a week, the group was buzzing with posts and pics on running and fitness. And then, it started to lose its charm.

Well, this was coming. I knew it. But, this time, I was out there to conduct experiments. I was willing to fail. I was ready for shame. So, In the second week of January 2018, I made an announcement in my whatsapp school group. This is what I said.

“I intend to run 1800 km in year 2018”

I set up a SMART goal. A number. A deadline. A clear one line simple sentence. My goal has all the attributes.

And there was this thing extra that I wanted to try: *PUBLIC Accountability.*

It was in evening. After writing it down in the group, my hands turned cold. I was feeling scary and worried. I was wondering how the group is gonna respond. I might be mocked at. I might be called stupid.

Well, no response came. So, even that was a signal that I was not taken seriously. But, I was out there this time to put my self out and try every possibility. I was ready for saying sorry and being ashamed.

What I was trying out was : a monitoring system that could keep me accountable.

From that day onwards, I would come back from run and report my stats to my school group. This became my daily routine. I will report and would receive positive reply. There will be time, like they would go to the extent of putting some words of praise out there.

By doing this, I started to get *the kick.*   As it is I was reporting the daily running to my group, I starting make note of the same in my diary. Soon after some time,  I got a dedicated *running diary*.

All this was going on while I was struggling to get to the first 1000 km. The psychological barrier was won over in somewhere August 2018. 

As I reached this goal of 1000 km, it was clear, the principle of monitoring and finding regulatory in my fitness program was established.

Around the same time, I happened to discover that there are Android Apps available that work on GPS. They measure the distance, time and pace. They show the route map as well.

So, I started using them. I used Google fit. It’s a free App. I kept using it until I came to know about the smart watches.

The watches that can do everything that I was doing for the past one year. Create, keep and analyze my workouts. Reward me with points and show me the improvements.

Now, it’s been 1 year that I have been using Garmin Forerunner 35. I enjoyed every bit of progress from having the stone markers to smart watches.

So, if you wanna dive into your fitness journey and enjoy every bit of it, I would ask you to go and get excited about the performance monitors.

You would love having these small little gadgets worn around. They can make a huge difference to your fitness routines. You can stick to your fitness resolutions through out the year.

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