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Running is predominantly an outdoor activity. You can choose to run anywhere and every where.

I started running by the inspiration of the place I was living in. There is this small and backward district in the state of Madhya Pradesh of India. It is called Sidhi.

The district is very old but still highly under developed. Therefore, there is not much of urban population. This directly impacts the kind of place it is. It is still very green and abounds in natural beauty.

A year and a half ago, I was posted to that place. I didn’t ask for the place. It was a God showered blessing for me. I was into fourth month of my running 1800 km in 2018.

The city is in a radius of 3 km. Yess!! After that starts the agricultural fields. These field are vastly in mountainous terrain. So, there are even less villages settled. This makes for a perfect running space. There is a nice tarred road that has been laid recently.

I loved running in Sidhi. Every single day. I would take 15 minutes to come out of the city and then, into vast open space.

The space that is so open that you can only see natural beauty around. Trees, Paddy farms, bushes, Rocky paths etc. This is a place with absolute tranquility. You can also be fortunate to hear the peacocks mating in the rainy season.

Around 8 km away is a river bridge. The river Son creates a beautiful landscape with its shining sand and water. This bridge is 800 mts long.

So, my inspiration and the drive was these beautiful spaces of Sidhi. The place made my running so effortless. I would bask in the glory of sun as I could see the sun riding on the one side and I, running on the other. It would send me goosebumps even today.

So, I wanna say that beautiful places with natural settings are the best places to run and enjoy. You will have the abundant oxygen. This is good for you’d respiratory system.

I have run official running events in metros likes Delhi and Bangalore. But, they were no match to my Sidhi tracks.

I love to run. So, the place as such is not much of my criteria. But, I do make sure that the running paths that I choose meet some basic requirements.

1. The roads should be less frequented by traffic: if you running in a city, explore the areas around you and find out the ones that attract less traffic.

These may not be as long as 5Ks, 10K. So, what you can do is create loops out of them. Like, I have this road stretch that’s neat and clean. If is for 1.5 km. But, it has no traffic in the morning hours. These are one ways. So, if I wanna run 5 k, I make loops of 3 and the rest I cover while coming and going from home.

2. The area should be having natural environment. Trees are a must. So, I prefer to go to such places.

3. The running tracks should not have too many obstructions. That spoils the joy of running. They bother you. And you get irritated by them.

4. I don’t go into haunted areas. If you are a lone RUNNER, prefer to stay close to civilization. If you are venturing into lonely pockets, take a person along on a bike or so. I generally do this when I am running 21k or more and I go in a single loop.

5. I avoid parks and noisy places : running is not just a physical act. I find it meditative. I put on some music and run. Or I may be listening to the chirping of birds or the blow of the wind. Or simply to my inner demons. That’s why I prefer to go to those areas that are quiet and calm.

They help you and your mind to find peace.

Though, you can run anywhere, you may want to stay safe at all times. So, please make sure that routes on which you run are well known to your family members as well.

What kind of terrain you love to run? Do share in the below comments.

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