My 2 best social media follows on fitness

I love to mode and learn.

Because learning is about growth.

Ever since I started to work on my fitness, I knew that I was living a miserable life because my knowledge about fitness was based on hear say facts. When we do not have proper understanding first hand, we would fall prey to what the others are telling.

And others are telling everything about fitness. They are saying this or that because they are more interested in promoting a brand or a product or simply because we would listen to them and may be become interested in what they say just to be like them. This is all about fooling ourselves in believing that there exists a magical pill that will bring us health, happiness and fitness.

But, there are few and far in between these crowded social media accounts who rise above mediocrity. These are those people who don’t come in public to make money. They come to make a change. A positive change.

I have always looked for such people. And I am glad to tell you that I have found such people who I know them like I would know my friend simply for their honesty and profound understanding of the field.

Fitness is to be taken seriously. So, if you do care about getting fitter, then I would suggest that you too get into learning mode and listen to change makers.

So let me share with these two personalities and the reasons why I love them.

They are:

Rujuta Diwekar &

Milind Soman

So, let us explore these two social media celebrities and understand why we need their company and how they would make us grow:

Rjuta Diwekar: Nutrition Expert

Rujuta Diwekar is a nutritionist. She has been advising the big celebrities on how to eat for good health.

I love to listen to what she has to say about food. And the primary reason for this is that her suggestions and tips are so simple to follow. She connects and correlates our food and eating habits to our culture, history, lineage and pride.

How I spotted her

If you remember, there was once upon a time a big gossip about one film celebrity working on her zero size figure( I know you guessed it!). I was just starting on my fitness journey. So, I would often use the internet to find tips and tricks to buck up my health.

After some time, I read one of her books – Indian Superfoods. The basic philosophy that I could bring home after reading this book was that you don’t need to search for the superfoods in malls and foreign locations. They are just there around the corner.

She recommends eating local, seasonal and according to our cultural habits and customs. And this philosophy struck the chord with me. By this time, I had realized that what we eat has a lot to do with our health and happiness. My village people philosophy had begun too take shape.

Why you must follow Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta must be of my age butt she is faaar wiser to me. No doubt about that! And therefore, I look up to her on eating and fitness habits. Her Instagram page has over a million followers now.

You can follow her for she does not provide any sponsored advise. You might have seen media account filled with people asking you to buy this powder, that tonic etc. She never does that. Of course she prices a bomb for her courses and advise.

You will get to listen to her and connect with your culture. You will get to know your food better. You will find her advise easy to bite and digest.. Her plain simple ideas on food are very powerful.

They have helped me to feel at home with food now. And I truly believe that what we eat and feed our stomach is linked to the health of our mind, body and soul. She integrates our emotions with food. I mean, you will find her advise like your grannny, or mama or elder sister is taking care of you.

She also has a website –

You can educate yourself by reading some of her great books:

Indian Superfoods

Don’t lose your weight, lose your mind

I have both the above two books with me. She has written more and you can check them online.

She is also present on youtube. You can follow her tips that appear in media from time to time. She has made a formidable impact on Indian psyche with her integrated approach to health, happiness and pride in our own food culture.

Milind Usha Soman

Who does not know the first Indian Supermodel – Milind Soman.

Who needs to know him if that person has heard, read about the Tuffs Shoes controversy involving Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre.

Or atleast you must have heard about the Alisha Chennai album or even watched it: Made in India, Ek Dil Chahiye bas Made in India

But Milind Soman I am discussing for altogether a different reason today. He loves to run and that’s why I am his ardent follower. So, let us look at his work in the world of fitness that can inspire you too.

How I spotted him

I have never liked media celebrities specially if they are from film and modelling world. There is so much contradiction on how they live and what they promote.

But I remember that my friends started to call me Milind when I was about to run my first ever full marathon . One of my very close and school friend one day complimented me and said, “Buddy, you are our Milind Soman”.

I was not sure why would they call me Milind Soman. I am not that model. Moreover, Milind is now in his 50s. So, I googled!

And what I read about him convinced me that this is one guy I would follow for life.

Why you must follow him

He is a fitness freak. Though he in his 50s but he is redefining how we must look at ourselves and discover our 50s. He runs daily. He loves running. His instagram account is called Milindrunning.

His philosophy has evolved over the years from the center of health. For him, helath is the biggest form of wealth. And he has exploited this image of himself to spread good health and good thoughts among the masses.

He has a brand – PINKATHON . Pinkathon is about the women who would love to run for their health and happiness. He goes across cities and organises their women specific races. I totally agree with his philosophy on woman empowerment. And I totally feel that women need all the care and support in terms of finding time to take care of themselves.

He will not sell you tonics, protein powder or ask you to buy this or that.

He is very open to what he eats and shares with the public. His fitness tips are spiritual. They strike the chord with yourmind.

Once upon a time, he was a smoker. A chain smoker. But he gave up smoking and now lives without smoke. I have not met a person in my life who has this kind of willpower to give up on smoke. But his fitness philosophy and bold attitude convinces me that he could do it.

So, he lives what he says.

He is about to hit a million strong family on instagram. His sage advise on fitness and well being keeps appearing in media and newspapers.

In his autobiographical work, Made in India, he has talked about his journey from a swimmer to a runner. He discusses more on self care, health and fitness than his films and modelling career.

He delivers real value for your time and money every time you listen to him. You can access my blog for several blogs I have dedicated to him.

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