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This March, I strated a new practice in my running life. I switched to MAF Running. As a result, I ran more compared to the last few months.

MAF running is about slow running. You run slow because at a slower pace, your body learns to process the fuel much more efficiently.

I ran my Mumbai marathon this year. I ran and finished it well before the timings of the previous marathon. But, I guess I had much higher expectations. My dream is to run the much coveted Boston Marathon one day.

With that intent in mind, I decided that I need to learn more. So, I was suggested by my running friends to get back to running slow.

That’s what we all do when we start running as a beginner. We run slow because we get running fast. However, running slow when you have got used to running fast agains requires a conscious effort!

Why MAF ?

MAF running is used to build your sound aerobic base. What i am trying to say is that slow running let’s your heart rate become better. Your heart rate comes down. And adding volumes coupled with slower pace will allow the body to shift from carbs to fat burning during the run.

Atva slower pace, our body learns to process the fat available in the body. This is all the more good reason for those who are looking forward to losing weight. That’s why jogging and brisk walk works better for such people.

Initially, I suffered some ego issues. I would wonder why should I slow down. What will the people think. And slow running will take longer hours on the tracks. But you see, our biggest enemy is our ego while we want to learn. That’s what we need to crush before even we start.

My MAF running accountability sheet

So, what I did was to create an accountability chart for slow running. Now, after a month, I am so glad that my decision has given me better than expected results. Guess what , I have run more in the month of March than Jan or Feb. I ran 150 plus kms.

March Runs

The idea is to bring down the heart rate and then keeping it low, accelerate the pace to eventually qualify the BQ time. In numbers , I aim to see a heart rate of 120 – 130 BPM.

Another interesting observation I have made is that I feel much better after my slow runs. I don’t feel the breathlessness. But, there is no dip in my post run feelings. Feel victorious, calm and joyful.

I guess that because my expectations from me is now coinciding with my on track performance. The alignment of our expectations with our real status is that important.

I will continue to run slow for the next 2 months before I undertake long distances at a faster pace. 12 weeks is the time frame I have been told my the MAF practitioners.

And an icing on the top of the cake is: ma wifey jas joined my squad for morning runs. She is not complaining of lack of competence in her any more.

MAF running brings in running buddy
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    • MAF here stands for Maximum Aerobic Function, and focuses on the aerobic system—the fat burning engine of your body. Broadly speaking, MAF is about achieving a lifestyle that helps you control chronic inflammation; manage stress, burn fat and more. 

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