Accidental discoveries are not all that accidental.

Do you remember the school days. We studied that x rays were discovered by mistake. The scientist was involved with some other research project.
Nevertheless, this accidental discovery change the course of medicine and health sciences by giving a way to look inside rye human body without dissecting it.
3 years ago, while I started to walk and started to enjoy the walks. Then, I discovered the passion for running and gradually progressed to running a marathon.
Though I did not underestimate walking but I always thought that running is far beneficial.
And now, the outbreak of the virus has paralyzed my passion for running. I ran few days in the short runway provided by the corridors of the house. But, I realize that the frequent twists and turns may damage the bones and the ligaments.
So, I am back to walking. I am now walking with an intent to derive the same benefits that I get from running.
I usually run for 5 KM. It takes me an average of 30 minutes to cover that distance. It’s a decent distance with a decent timing.
However, I am no longer doing that. So, I have started to walk. And though I am unable to cover 5 km in 30 minutes, I am still ensuring that I give 30 minutes.
Thus the time commitment to moving my body remains intact. And in the process I have started to discover new things about the beautiful art of walking.
The walking is an art as well as science. You might have loved the models who walk the ramp at fashion shows. By walk, we can infer a lot about the persona of a person.
So, walks are a treat to watch. The best thing about walking is that it takes the minimal efforts on the part of the mind and the body. Therefore, anyone can do this. The age, the gender or even the physical condition hardly matters.
Of course, if you are fitter, you will find the walks more enticing. So, compared to running, walking is very much possible even in the narrow stretch of my corridors.
And as you walk, you can move your body. The whole body and its components – muscles, bones, organs and the systems – respiratory system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, digestive system etc immensely gain the simple act of running.
If you never though running could be glamorous, then, just have a look at the super models and how they put the ramps under smouldering fir with their walks.
You can walk anywhere. Inside the hose. Outside in the garden. Or on the footpaths. In the forest and jungles, the streets.
Walking is a fruitful pursuit. You stands to be fit from the act of walking in multiple ways. You can walk alone if you want to solve a riddle that is going on in your mind. Or you can walk with a companion to feel the camaraderie.
Walk and talk. Walk and listen to music. Walk and enjoy the nature.
These days when going to gym or even outside in the park has become a distant dream, simply walking around can help you to find your health of the body and the mind.
So, I suggest you some dos and the don’ts while walking. These may help you to cultivate the habit of walking as an enjoyable pursuit.

  1. Put on the right shoes : if you intent to walk outside for more than a few minutes, then put in some good quality shoes that aid you walking.
  2. Your clothes : your clothes ahould be easy and comfortable on your body so that you can bring maximum efficiency to your strides.
  3. Music : I have found with experience that putting on a good music helps to engage the mind in the the process of walking. It takes away the mind to a soothing place and distracts you from being conscious about your walks.
  4. The comfortable walking : when you are listening to music, your body movements become more natural and your body arrives to find the better posture. So, it’s effortless.
  5. Choose the walking area : without obstructions. If you are waking in the fields or outside, make sure that it does not much bumps or rough surfaces. So that you can simply enjoy!
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