Lessons from living in Cantonments

how my life as a kid of an army soldier influenced my attitude towards life in general and fitness in particular. 

  1. Nature love
  2. Keeping our mind and body occupied. 
  3. Following rules and respecting them 
  4. Frequent transfers telling me change is the only constant. 
  5. People change, places change – don’t bother. Just don’t change your feelings. Stay loved and love! 
  6. Reach out to people from all hues and colours. Caste, creed, colour don’t  matter if you want to live a good life 
  7. Street smartness is more useful than intelligence. 
  8. Have fun while you are alive. Crying does not change anything. They make matters worse. 
  9. You may call upon to do your duty at any time, anywhere, be alert. 
  10. The biggest thing that will always be cherished about you – how you dealt with the crisis. Did you get uprooted or stayed grounded?  

Will be expanded soon to a full length essay with anecdotes from writers experiences.

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