Learning to meditate – Sadhana

This morning, I decided to sit down and meditate. I sat on the sofa in a casual mode. My one leg was up and the other leg was dangling to the floor. 

I sat down, straightening my back, and closed my eyes. And started the process of meditating. The process is about cleansing my mind from the thoughts. Our mind is filled with a lot of junk thoughts while we interact with the world outside. 

Even very trivial issues come to haunt us. What I have felt is that our mind needs some thoughts to chew upon. We simply ruminate over them as a matter of habit. Not because we would like. 

Given a choice, we would like to keep our mind clean and peaceful. Just like how I have learned to keep my stomach clean and healthy from unhealthy eatables.  Our mind needs thoughts. So, clean it first. 

After you have cleaned it, you will not like to carry on the habit of rumination. So, when that rumination stops, your mind becomes meditative. The meditative state is tye state in which you can experience freedom. 

Our thoughts are our attachments to the world. Even if you want to be associated with the world, then, connect yourself with the world in a way that you experience the bliss of the world. For that, you need to handpick your thoughts. 

Handpick those thoughts that are positive, energising and give you hope. Under any situation, you need to do this. We always have something good to look forward to under any given circumstance. 

The goal should be to fully cleanse the mind and experience the shunya inside. That state of mind is real bliss. Because we cease to suffer in that state of mind. The mental state of thoughtlessness. 

This kind of meditation can be done anywhere. Your mind has got magical powers. You can learn to disconnect yourself by regular practice called Sadhana. 

Regular practice doesn’t require you to find a secluded space. Start with using the space and time available to you. If you are a commuter on a metro train, then all you need to do is just find a place to sit. Then close your eyes and start the Sadhana. You may also use the meditative music initially. 

As you go along, your mind will become stronger and stronger and it will not require the support of the music. Nevertheless, the conduce music is a great enabler. 

If you are in an office, just sit and practice for 5 minutes in some corner of your office. If you have your own cabin, then nothing like it. 

After attaining physical fitness, the meditative practice will boost your mental fitness. This kind of Sadhana is very beneficial to all age groups. The earlier in life you start doing, the better your life will shape up with Sadhana. 

You will be finding a lot of strength to align your life and your aspirations. 

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