Learn to eat to learn to be fit.

Diet plays a very important role. Its as important when you eat what as it is what you eat and how!

I follow an inverted triangle diet.

The largest base is the big royal breakfast in the morning.

As soon as I wake up, I feed myself some fruits. Start your day with fruits. My preferred starters for tye morning are :

Dry fruits like almond, walnuts.

No tea in the morning. The angreji style chai in the morning is a big NO in my diet plan.

Oh yeah, before I feed in the fruits, I have my usual glass of warm water. The tepid warm water gets the stomach cleansed by pushing the waste out as soon as it enters the stomach.

OK, after I have had my water and the fruits, I go for a run. After I come back, the body is all set to embark on a royal treat. You can ask me to eat anything, and there is all probability that I am I’ll eat.

Mornings are for carbs, for proteans and for the fats. The three macro nutrients in our diet. My logic is that I am beginning my day and I need to fill my tank to last for the rest of the day.

The science says that our metabolism is at its best between 11 am and 2 pm. You see this is based on the incuole that the sun is at its peak in shedding sunlight on earth. And our metabolism is majorly influenced by the sun’s position.

This is the reason why the Jains don’t eat after dusk. Because, the food eaten after dusk is considered stale and devoid of any energy.

The afternoon feeding is as per the need. If I had been really busy and physically very hard working, I may have a lunch as large as breakfast.

The dinner has to be lean. No matter what, I prefer to eat less in the evening meals. This is the first thing that you should do if you are starting on your weight reduction program. It will be hard. But, I promise it will be worth your sacrifice.

Also, apart from the major nutrients, what we snack on plays a major role in our diet plan. Snack on healthy and nutritious food items. Unfortunately, reverse is the case in our daily living. The markets are flooded with junk foods that add empty calories to our body.

Don’t stuff your fridge with any sort of junk. Avoid biscuits, breads. The thumb rule is avoid food that’s frozen and avoid food that’s made of maida, sugar and milk. The less processed your snacks, the better.

I snack on nuts in the evening when I feel the hunger. Or I’ll drink warm water to fill my stomach. It is a difficult and you have to stand out of the crowd to be a healthy snacker. But, once you learn the hack, you are a legend and an envy to your neighbour’s eye!

Eating is a lot more to health that we can imagine. So, take your diet and earing habits seriously. And the first thing to begin with if you really wanna transform into a sexy, smart and youthful person in your 40s & 50s.

Waiting for your comments now. Do let me know what you think about diet and diet plans.

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