Law of attraction

Today, I visited a school. That school I have been frequently visiting over the last 2.5 yrs. Ever since, I got posted here.

But, this was the first glimpse of the ground. It is a basketball court.

The court was empty. And there were no players. But, as I was receding and passing through a side way, my heart jumped with excitement and told me, “bhai, kya baat hai, there is a ground and you can come here and play.”

I have not believed in the law of attraction. But for the past 5 yrs , all that is happening is surely what I have wished to attract.

May be I can tell you a few things about the law of attraction.

  1. It works when your mind becomes a magnet.
  2. Your mind is a magnet when it has the clarity of purpose.
  3. When you are aware of your self and
  4. There are no conflicts between what you think, say and do.

With this, I am very sure how I want to live and spend every moment of my life.

I will share the pic of the ground soon that I saw today. May be you have your cheese right in front of you but you would need to learn and practice the law of attraction to find it.

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