Landing a job at swiggy – empowering mental health story.

Just read a news post that talks about the happiness that the girl feels and expresses when her father is able to secure a job at Swiggys. 

This is such an enlightening story. It expresses the power of gratitude. If you look at it like just another job, you will fail to look at the brighter side of the story. 

The reason why this news has become so viral is for the kind of magnetic smile the girl gives. This is the sheer gratitude power that the girl witnessed and that’s what is so enlightening. 

We often fail to see the huge blessings that we all have in our day to day life. Being alive itself is such a blessing. But, we are often preoccupied with the ideas of grief, pain, frustrations and what all may go wrong in life. 

We all are mortals. And there is an endpoint. But, realising our mortality will make us understand how such a story can be so empowering and allow us to see our own blessings and express our gratitude to the creator. 

And that is the state of mind that has the power to make you happy and keep you happy for the long term. 

This reminds me of my own story. I was on top of the world when I got the news that I had secured a beautiful job. My heart was filled with joy and happiness. 

But, as time passed, I started to get into the grip of daily pains and frustrations. You see, you can feel happy with a big news only for the time being. Like, when you got the job, when you get promoted, when you buy a car or a home for yourself. 

But, these small moments that we have almost every day that can be the source of happiness, we often ignore or overlook. Maybe we need to learn to spot them. 

We are trained to look for errors and mistakes. But, unfortunately we fail to appreciate or see the small things are source of our lasting joys and happiness. 

This kind of gratitude will heal us and make us mentally healthy and fit

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