Know your inner compass

What is that one thing that can help us to take to our fitness.

A lot of people complain that they don’t have time for themselves. They say they are too busy to attend to their health and well being. Once upon a time, I was part of that vast majority who needs to blame their preoccupation with hordes of things.

But, not any longer. So, here in this post I am gonna share with you a mantra than can help you to understand your self a little more better. It’s part of your human engineering. So, once you understand the concept, you will be empowered to do a lot more of things that you always want to do but end up doing something else.

Imagine that you are walking on the left side of the road on a foot path. There is traffic moving and on the right side, you notice that there is a runner running. You spot him the moment he comes into your area of vision.

Then you reach a place, where I am waiting for you. I ask you to slow down and stop so that we can talk. And then, I ask you a question. I ask you, what did you see on the road. And you end up telling me about that boy running on the other side.

I wonder and ask you another question. My question pertains to the row of shops that were there on the same side that you were walking. On the left. But, you fail to tell me what these shops were about! Why? How?

How is it possible that you failed to see what was there right in front of you but you could spot a runner from afar away distance?

How would you answer this question? What could be the plausible explanation for this?

This can be answered with a concept from the field of metaphysics – the concept of chitta. What is chitta and how does it make you see things so differently?

Chitta is the alignment of your inner compass – your mind. Your mind is a big magnet. It has the power to virtually attract anything. Chitta is not the mind but it’s alignment.

Where ever our mind is aligned, we will be there. That is where we stay mentally. That’s what we are occupied with. Using this concept, you can now literally explain your own pre-occupations.

5 years ago, when I was totally broken from inside, I started to rebuild myself. This time, I was not starting from scratch, I was starting from experience. The experience that has taught me that my alignment of the mind was not unidirectional or concentrated.

My mind was scattered all over the place. And I was unable to focus anywhere. And that was because I had no idea where I should put my focus. And the cause of this distracted state was my mind was illusions – the wrong notions about life and how it really moves!

But when I lost my father, that was it. It pulled me away from a scattered state and showed me the way. I kind of entered the zone and attained a state of enlightenment. After wondering for several months to seek answers to my pain, agony and grief, I realized many brutal truths about life that I always wished to escape from.

However, I could no longer avoid when it did happen. I was made to confront all the crap in life post dad’s departure for the heavenly abode. I had to face the truths and accept them. This face off eventually led to the appropriate alignment of my inner compass. ( you can’t escape the truth, you need to face it to get over it).

Whatever our chitta is soaked with, that’s what we will be occupied with in life. The next two years post realizing the truths of life, I focussed and worked on my physical and mental well being. I rose from running few kilometers to running a full marathon.

I switched to learning and growing persononally. Maturing emotionally. I have seen tremendous growth in my personal space. Then next year, I made finding time for my family my focus. For the past decade, I had forgotten to take my family for any holiday trip. But, in these last 3 years, we have been to more than half a dozen holiday destinations.

This is what I always wanted to do but was always struggling. However, now here I was… Doing exactly what I wished to. I am writing this blog. I always wanted to be a writer. Very soon, I will be releasing my book on running.

I have done a lot more and lived a richer, healthier and happier life in these 5 years than ever before. Our chitta is the magical element!

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