Just do it ..

Had it not been an idea my son gave today, I would have missed my run.

When we are running out of time, we simply scrap the workout.

I thought today that I would do some 3xercose in the drawing room. But, as I started , my son asked , “not going for run?”

It is a question to surprise for others too…when I don’t run😁😁..I was feeling for not going for run

But the moment bittu asked me, I was like , ” hey, Incan run some distance in the se time that I would exercise at home. Need not for 30 minutes, can I manage 10 minutes running around the house block !!”

And thus ran a sweet distance of 1.5 kms. 😊😊

Not less than a credible achievement for a day that was going for a duck.

My dad used to say one mantra in awadhi

Ek ghadi, aadhi ghadi , Aadhi pe puni aadh, Tulsi sangat , sadhu ke , Kate koti apraadh !

Not matter how much time you have, if you have even a little or fraction of time you have to remember God, do it…and all your sins will simply wash away.

In the context of fitness, working out is like worshipping god.


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