I am lucky, you are lucky: we are all lucky

I call myself a lucky chap these days. And I have multiple reasons to do so.

Let’s go through them:


I call it my good fortune to be born to an Army soldier. My daddy served the Indian armed forces for 26 yrs. He joined as an Army recruit much before he could be called an adult. He was simply 17 when he started his service.

An Army soldier is so much special. He is an official guard to the territories of a nation. And that’s a big responsibility. He took over it as a badge of honor at such a young age.

Simply knowing that he enrolled himself into the forces and served the nation fills my heart with pride.


Army barracks.

As a result of the fact that daddy served in the army, I had a great privilege to live and spend my childhood years in the salubrious surroundings. Army cantonments, where the army is placed and where their wards live in barracks and the quarters, you will notice nothing much but trees, jungles, grounds, grass and a lot of natural greenery.

Because they bond with the nature. Wherever dad was posted, we lived in Army quarters with ample amount of empty space and green around. I even recollect that my parents grew their own kitchen garden in the backyard, sending creepers to the rooftop.

Breathing fresh natural air and making insects my companions who were found strolling sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes in the corridor were the lucky charms.


Discipline is the hallmark of olive green that daddy adorned. You live, eat, breathe, behave and learn discipline if you are living in the army environs. Even without your knowledge, there are protocols to everything. Even how you would address your driver has a protocol. Even how you sit on a dining table has a protocol.

Discipline is something that I witnessed very early in my life. But it’s only now that I am truly realizing it’s potential in my day to day living.

I am glad I learned quite early that it would take immense discipline to build a flourishing career, to be a good professional, to be fit and healthy. Because no matter what you do, if you aren’t disciplined in the business of doing, then you will end up being reckless in life and living.

And I am glad for I have been lucky!

Most of our health and fitness is about disciplined eating, disciplined exercising and overall disciplined thinking.


Dad always wanted me to become a little better than him. So, he always looked at education as the tool to bring about that upliftment.

And I am lucky that I got the best. Kendriya vidyalayas are the microcosm of the country which is the land of diversity and unity among diversity.

Here you don’t look at the caste or the capital of the person, you are looking at the mere merits. Our civil society is ridden with so many evils but I was lucky to witness the best of what the world has to offer. And this has been truly instrumental to build a life long outlook to look at this world with hope and possibilities.

My mental health is so much better because I was lucky to get a very healthy and supporting environment.


Today I feel a deep sense of gratitude to learn that I come from a family of farmers!

My daddy grew up growing vegetables and fruits to meet his pocket expenses and the school fees. The farming life blessed him with the tough mental and physical muscles that would enable him to walk 7-8 kms every day to reach his school. And the training came handy as a soldier too.

My grandpa was a farmer. My ancestors were farmers and we have been farming for ages. I have seen how farming is done and I have tasted home grown crops, cereals, pulses, spinach, brinjal, mustard, mangoes etc etc. Been truly lucky to have savored the organic farm food. I have smelt the soil that we removed potatoes from.

My daddy was fond of telling how he went around selling the local produce in the local market on Sundays. Due to the unique advantage that I am privy to such prized health secrets, I feel blessed and lucky!

Conclusive thoughts :

We are today the sum of all that has been happening to us! But many a times we fail to look at the vast fortune and call it our misfortune due to our ignorance and blindness! For several years, I reeled under doubts and shame to be born to a mere army soldier and being a villager.

Nevertheless, deep down I knew I loved and adored all of this, but I guess I mis-learned from the outside world and failed to distinguish between the fake and the authentic. And this taxed me a lot to come to a clear understanding of what a great living is all about!

But, here I am. I have re-discovered, re-invented myself and can clearly see the vast amount of luck that I have been blessed with all this while!!

Did you ever face such dilemmas and now feel more peaceful or are you still searching for your place of peace and joy! I would be interested to know that.

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