We often look at life with the eyes of a perfectionist.


We don’t want to be seen until we are good enough. Until we are doing something worthy of others claps and likes.

This basic urge that is injected in us to be perfect is what keeps us away from starting. Because, we look for the right time to start and invest into our dreams.

We do the same with our money and the same with our health. We want to make the most with the least of our efforts.

We want to look like James bond who can do wonders without even getting a tiny scratch on his forehead.

But, this is what we don’t understand. We are following the exactly opposite principles that propel our growth.

We never embark in our journey of a lifetime because we are waiting for the right moment for the share markets, for the right seasons to go out and run.

Those who are looking for the perfect timing may be needed to wait for a lifetime. Are they not aware that they are losing on their precious moments that life is made of.

New year is just about to begin. And if you have been waiting which actually you don’t need to, to begin then let this be the beginning.


We all aspire to be great. But greatness is not the name of achievements, medals, social recognition.

Greatness is pretty personal. A person who could never move may start to move a distance of few meters and be great. A person who is a professional athlete may never find the greatness despite running for years.

Your greatness lies in moving from *your point a to your point b.*

It’s not about comparing yourself with the others. It’s about comparing *your past, present and the future* .

It’s not about impressing others. It’s about expressing your own self.


Things that are bound to fail will fail. Be assured about it. So, why fear failure. Prepare yourself to face the failures. We are told to imagine our successes and that’s why we get depressed when we don’t find it.

We need to forget about succeeding and start focusing on doing what is to be done despite failing. Failures are not failures if you just flip the coin and look on the other side. They are the lessons waiting to be learned.

Fail is to take the first step in learning.

Shri Abdul Kalam

And when you learn to fail and still not be deterred from your chosen path, you will find the strength to alleviate your pains. You will find the reason to embrace the pain and still move on.

Remember, lot of us are going to give it up because they are looking for pleasure. The moment the pleasure stops, they will stop. But, you should not because that’s what is gonna take you further- embracing the pain. .

Pain and failures are big elements that people often discount. And they keep going in circles. Because the path to the real progress is through the tunnels of darkness filled with pains and failures.


And those who close their eyes to the temptations of the world will open up their hearts to their real feelings. The feeling to feel good about oneself. The feeling to feel blessed and find freedom from the fears.

Those who grow, use their pains and failures to build a solid foundation for their kingdom. They seek from themselves and not the world. Because they know they have a world inside that matters more.

Your kingdom lies within, not outside. And you are sitting and donning the down. So, take your decisions for your destiny.

Punish yourself until you turn honest to your dreams. An honest self will not run away from the challenges. An honest self will train itself to prepare to charge.

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