How to set up your Morning for a Run with ease and panache.

So, this post is about your Morning Run.

Well-Begun is half done. If you set up your mornings in such a way that you find that space for yourself too for a morning run, it becomes a matter of self-admiration. So, let me straight come to the point here and give you the to-do things for setting up yourself for a morning run.

The number one thing to do would be: Set up your running goal the night before. Before going to bed, please remind yourself, “tomorrow, I will go for a run”. What I do is, I sit quietly in a corner of my room and focus on telling myself, “tomorrow, I am going to have a good run”. Sometimes, I also watch inspirational videos on hard work, toil, pushing, determination, etc.

Number 2: I take my meals as early as possible in the morning. The early for me is anything earlier than 10 pm. Ideally, you should have your dinner by 8 pm so that you can plan to hit your bed by 10 pm. Eat light meals. Prefer to eat the content that’s low on carbs, fats, and proteins. I make sure that I add a good amount of salads to all my meals. Dinner is no exception.

Sleeping is a must for a good run – Sanju Runs

Number 3: Take enough sleep. Don’t binge on social media till late at night. Put on some soothing music to put you to sleep. Sleep for an average of 7 hours every day. Sleeping for the body is like charging for your cell phone. Allow your body to rejuvenate in the night.

Number 4: Don’t use an alarm clock. Just tell yourself at what time you want to get up and go to sleep without any morning wake-up anxiety. Even if you get up late, you will have your mind and body ready to put you through for some tough running in the morning.

Number 5: Get your running gear ready before going to bed. Allocate an address for your stuff and always keep them at the same place. Over time, you will find it damn easy to pick your things in no time.

Post-Wake Up

Once you get up, have a warm glass of water. You can add some lemon juice to it or even honey is great. This allows for a lovely motion to your gut. You will feel relieved from the extra baggage of the previous day.

Eat a banana or two. Banana is treated as a staple diet of runners. I don’t advise you to run on an empty stomach. Banana is an instant energy booster. So, go for it.

There is one thing that I simply love about the time of the run. The morning. The sun is rising. The birds are chirping. There is a silence on the road. Civilization is yet to get up and get busy. If you are staying in the countryside, imagine the sun rising on one side and you running along.

Read something or listen to some peppy music. During the course of my run, I love to listen to music that engages me. I go for songs like, “If you believe, Hero” etc. Something that can put content into your running, makes you feel like a hero struggling against the odds to come out with a victory. These songs set the mood.

Running is a fun-filled activity and therefore, keeps your pace and distance in the range in which you are most comfortable. Just one thing can work as a miracle for you. Run every day and put your running regime in your schedule like a ritual. The rest will be called History.

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