How to enjoy enormous health

The reason why we are not enjoying as much health as we could is due to the fact that we are treating ourselves like machines. But the truth is we are like any other living things… Plants, trees and animals and only if we remember how they thrive, we will find our health and glory…..

Few things we need on a daily basis :

Fresh air,
Hydration at frequent intervals
Good grown naturally
Exposure to sunlight
Night sleep
Healthy Socialization (not social media socialization)
Good peaceful thoughts (not breaking news)
Hardships (less luxuries)

Stay away from the world that is ever trying to confuse you. (read – marketing, adverts)

And remember that your life has limited pages. Use them with economy and use them to express and not copy or impress!!

In these days, it is bro long increasingly difficult to keep pace with the enormity of information and the plethora of choices being thrown at us… I have a suggestion…. Dump all of this away and stay simple and live with simplicity.

Leave Less carbon footprints by consuming sensibly.  Don’t judge your abundance by the number of resources but the resourcefulness of the little.

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