What I wear while on the runs is as important as the run. The running gear has an important role to play in the overall performance, east and comfort of the runner.

So, I want to tell you that I just bought a full technical running shorts for myself. This one:

Therefore, I have made a smooth transition from running in the casual fitting Ts and Bermudas to sleek and scientifically designed running shorts. Around a year ago, I had bought my first running shoes. Running shoes are definitely not your canvas shoes that you wear otherwise.

So, this post will be about the running shorts that I bought a few days ago. This is an amazing piece of work. So, what I have realized and what made to buy the fully technical running shorts?

Here are the few things that I found make my runner better and happier:

The Running Shorts Fabrics:

The running shorts shorts should be made of a fine synthetic fabric like Polyester. The shorts made with Cotton pose a lot of problems. Therefore running in the them is difficult.

The first major problem with the cotton fabric is that they would be wearing profusely when I ran a long distance. Cotton do not absorb the sweat that fast as they should. This keeps your covered area wet.

The second problem with the Cotton fabric is that they are not light weight. A short would weigh at least 3 times more for the same size and fitting. So, you feel the heaviness more as you sweat more.

On the other hand, fabrics like polyester are light weight and they have the ability to throw the sweat out. They dry quickly in no time.

2. Your Running Shorts should have a liner:

A good running short come with a liner. Liner is like a under wear attached to your shorts. This functionality of the shorts keeps the groin area properly placed and does not prose issue while running.

A liner would make you feel lighter and your body more fit. So, having a liner is like a must for a running shorts. You may if you choose to, go for a separate compression inner wear. A compression fabric is finer fabric that hugs your body and keeps it tighter.

So, you can try wearing a compression inner wear as a liner underneath your shorts.

3. The length of your running shorts:

There are 3 main sizes of the shorts that you may look for.

3 Inches, 5 Inches and 7 Inches.

You may try all the variations to find your comfort zone. Every ones body and the feel may be different. Some of you may feel shy of wearing a 3′ shorts. But, going by the running standards, the 3 inches shorts length works best for running in them.

4. Your Running shorts should be reflective for running on special times:

This is reflective.

The running gear that we wear should have a reflective quality. It means that the person running should be easily identifiable from a far off distance and distinguished as a runner. This will allow the people around to give space for the runner.

Generally this is established by the branding of the piece. You may find the name of the brand easily visible and written in highlighted colours.

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