Sharing the Joy of Running with my Partner

Almost a year and a half ago, she would be upset with me whenever I went for a run. Because it would mean skipping helping her out in the morning chores. In the morning, there is a rush. The children have to get ready for school. Their Tiffin has to be made. They need to get breakfast. As they are small, they need to be dressed up, etc. Adding to the misery is that she is teaching at a local primary school. So, she has to get ready for herself.

Moreover, like many adventures in which I have failed so far, she was confident that I would drop this idea very soon. I am trying to build a million-dollar blog for the past two years and I have abandoned half-a-dozens domains so far. Secondly, she thought that I was doing a show-off in the era of selfies. Getting the pics of me running and sweating and posting them on Social Media to impress the fellas. So, she did not take me seriously as runner until I did my half-marathon. Forget about her joining me on my runs.

When your idea is yours and you are doing it for yourself, there is no end to your excitement. You tend to forget about what others would be thinking about you. I had stopped getting likes on my WhatsApp or Facebook. People encourage you for your novelty but how long! They have better things to do in their lives.

However, things started to change after a year and a half of running. Not just because I was sincere to my pursuit but also for the huge transformation that my wife saw in me. Over the course of running in the past 1.5 years, I lost 18 kg. I am looking fitter and smarter. I am full of energy and helping her gladly in her chores.

I could make out from her comments lately that she was getting interested in running with me. She would often ask questions these days, “How much did you run today?, What was your total running score for the last month? Which way did you go running this morning? Was it sunny? etc

I knew she was now getting tempted to try running. Running has made me look better and smarter. So, she one day confessed to me, “Let’s go for a run!” Since then, we run together 2-3days per week. It has been amply rewarding for us. We run and give company to each other. We are able to share some time together. All this helps in our relationship as well.

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