How I could escape the piping hot soup and the mouth watering dishes!

The Event

Yesterday, I went to a place to attend a small seminar. Thus seminar was organized in the evening hrs. We stayed there till 9 pm.

What really is striking about this seminar was that I was fully able to steer my thinking in the right direction of my health and well being.

I could abstain my self from binging on the hotel food that was laid out so beautifully and that looked so tempting.

The two thoughts

You see, how you think about anything is going to decide a lot of your actions. Infact, out actions are laid out of our thinking. The way we will think, is the way we will act.

Don’t want to miss my evening workout

Evening workout

So, this is what I thought about the food and the dinner that I did not have at the hotel post seminar.

I thought that I can’t have this food. The reason being that I am having the habit of 10 minutes workouts in the evening. And that 10 minutes workout is a kind of nutrition to my mind-body complex.

When I do my evening stretch and workout, do push ups, planks or simple bending to release the stress developed in the body during the course of the day – I feel elevated. I feel the rush of adrenaline, I feel that I am refreshed from the tiring day!

And after that I can have my dinner or whatever I eat.

Why do you need to eat so much in the evening

The second line of thought that I got was – having heavy meals in the evening is not good. No matter how tasty the food is, it all ends up in the pit inside us that’s not not actually meant to serve our pallette but our body and its well being.

The morning runs are great when you don’t eat too much in the evening.

So, the evening food should be taken as nutrition to the body and not as a source of sinful pleasure. Because, ultimately how I am going to feel after the food is more important than how I feel during the course of taking it.

These thought processes were able to steer my thinking in a way that I remained unattached to the beautiful Buffett that was laid out there. I totally appreciate what the others were having but kept myself out of it.

I respect what others feel and do to themselves. I don’t want to preach them the nuances of fitness and health. But, that’s something that I have very clear opinion on for myself.

So, if this motivates you, you may give it a thought or two to change your life and make it better.

Conclusion remarks

Overtime, I have realized and now fully acknowledge that we as human being have a multi-dimensional existence. They are – mind, body and spirit. And therefore, each of them needs to be fed properly to have total health.

My evening exercise helps to nurture my mental and spiritual health apart from the regular physical fitness.

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