Good Morning, Happy Sunday !

Good morning, happy Sunday.

Being the day when we are off from working, I find it super exciting to get up early.

My best reason: I would take an afternoon nap. Let me discover my morning and super charge it.

The energy to get early is more on rhe weekends as there is no mental pressure of going to work. “Ye mera time hai”.

And I am glad about this discovery. I have noted that my mind and body function far better with an early morning rise.

I don’t gain much by sleeping more. Those days, I have felt sleepy and got up late are those days when I went to bed late.

Ever since I started the practice of going to bed at a good time, I have found that morning hours are the best hours to live on earth.

This is the time, when we are blessed with maximum energy and enthusiasm. And we are fresh mentally and physically.

It’s like, the car fresh out of garage after servicing. In the wee hours of the morning, the world is largely in bed.

And therefore, getting the first mover’s advantage puts me in the victory mode. Therefore, getting out of bed, I call it battle of the bed.

Those who win this battle have better chance of success and happiness in life. They would find time and the energy that others would struggle to! 

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