Fauji araam se nahin baith sakta( A Soldier can not sit idle)

A soldier can not sit idle.

I have often heard this from my mom. She often says this.

At an early age she got married. And earlier, father got enlisted into the Indian army as a soldier. He was just 17 then.

And having served 26 yrs in the uniform, he was accustomed to starting his day early.  And through the day, he would often be busy doing things that appeared non sense to my mom.

She had often seen the soldiers while we lived in barracks dusting the roads, painting the trees and the putting margins on the play fields. Even on Sundays, the army will ask its troops to come for a general working.

Army never allows its men to sit idle. And when these army men retire, they become so habituated to action that they can not allow themselves the luxury of idleness

But, I told this today to you?

Today, when I woke up. My body was shivering and I was feeling feverish. And I was feeling like going back to bed with a heavy quilt on me.

Then decided to postpone it till the kids were dropped off to school.

But, as I come back from dropping them off, my body aches for some physical activity.

I have already declared today as a resting day. However, I have now taken up the tasks of cleaning and dusting the rooms at home and now I am feeling better.

I think a fit body and a fit mind calls for action. And I can clearly see why my dad would love to be busy all day long.

A little soldier in me too I guess.

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