Create a powerful and healthy mindset to find your fitness

If you wish to create wealth, acquire assets. That’s what I tell the people who wish to find their financial security and eventually financial independence.

And this philosophy holds good for finding our fitness too.

Acquire, healthy habits. Healthy habits are like assets. Once you have them, you are on your way to becoming healthy and fit – mentally and physically.

Thanks to the social media, films and our marketing environment that has preyed on human vices and made these vices appear cool.

My 5 years living the life different from the way I have lived the first 38 yrs, have clearly brought out the truth for me :

I can be healthy and fit. I can be happy and joyful. I can be creative and hard working. I can have time and space for myself.

I can build my future when I chose to.

So, today, I am asking you to make a choice not just to look cool but live a good quality of life. Acquire good habits.

How to acquire powerful mindset

It may take a time longer than it might take in school or college. But, your mindset plays a very BIG role in shaping your future.

So, first of all, work on your mind set that will drive to wards finding your fitness. The mindset that will clear the confusion and remove the inner conflicts.

Changing the mindset to make it pro – health may require efforts from your side.

Read books

Read books on health and fitness. Read inspiring stories of people who have found their fitness. And I can suggest you few of them:

1. Made in India
2. Born to Run
3. The joy of movement
4. Lose weight, don’t lose your mind.
5. Indian Superfoods.

These are the 5 books I have with me. And I am recommending them to you.  You will find inspiration and the drive as well as the know how of finding your fitness.

Watch YouTube videos :

When I started to find my fitness, I would often plug in to such videos and watch them. For hours!

Just go to YouTube and search on topics that you may be curious about and you will find plenty of useful content.

Leverage social media :

Join Facebook groups

Join Facebook groups that are talking about health and fitness. Just be careful that you are joining the group that’s for marketing of products.

And there are a such mission driven people who have formed great groups.

Follow Instagram fitness influencers

Instagram is another great place to be: create your account there and follow people who are posting to share their life and how they are working towards finding their fitness.

Create social groups on your WhatsApp

One of my friend did this for me:

We have a group of few people who share our every day fitness work. And this helps each of us. It multiplies our drive and it inspires each other.

You will feel excited when you have such groups where you can post your w everyday heroism. Your hard work to build your fitness is no less than an act of heroism.

Keep a Fitness Journal

Cultivate the practice of writing about your fitness everyday. It may be something that you did. Like you took a walk for 30 minutes. Then write it in your journal and write how you felt. Where were you that day. How was your experience and things like that.

Writing everyday will create new neural paths in your brain to create a new mindset that’s pro-fitness.

Writing helps us to see our progress.

Participate in fitness events

Running is a participative sport. Here are running events happening all the time. These days when covid has placed restrictions on movements, runners have found a way to organize such events virtually.

But, we runners know that it’s the spirit of running that helps us. So, we run from any location and post it on apps designed to collect data. And motivate us. And see our progress.

So, you should look for such events. You can probably be a part of fitness club in your locality. You could be a member of running club in your area. And participate in such events.

These events will give you goals to work on and targets to achieve. And when you are having goals and targets, you will be able to direct all your energies to create a powerful healthy mindset.

So, these are the 5 ways to create a powerful mindset and find your fitness. Give your feedback in the comments below for liking or adding something to this post.

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