Consume good fodder for your brain

For our mental health, we can be vigilante and keep our health safe from getting spoilt.

A lot of times we are the party in the crime of spoiling of our mental health. These days many mental health issues are cropping up due to exposure to the social media.

We all have now the access to the information of any kind at large. You just have to pick up your smart phone and hey, the world is yours. You can read, watch and engage with any kind of news, opinion or the thought process.

Therefore, it has become a culture now to blame the time spent on social media as an anathema. And the solution that’s being provided to such exposure is to simply avoid it. Spend less time on the social media.

When it comes to my own experience, I must confess that I am an overexposed person to the world of social media. I spend a very large amount of my time in browsing through the social media networks like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.

These days, the talks have started to go in and around my own social circles where people tell me that they have started to restrict their time on the social media. I think keeping a tab on the social media time is a good thing. But, there is something more to be understood beyond just the time that you are exposed to the social media.

It is the type of content that you are exposing yourself to. Most of the time, the posts that go viral are sensational. They are shared to strike fear at the hearts of masses. So, the creators use suspense, thrill and the fear to capture our attention. We are attuned to becoming alert when we sense threats to our own life due to our evolutionary history.

Back in the pre historic times to the present age, risk to life and our existence continues to be there. And it’s going to be there. You can’t just avoid it. It’s a part and parcel of life. But, constantly living under the threats is what is disastrous to our mental health and well being.

In the past couple of years, I have observed that people have literally started to check and cross check everything from the internet to find the truth. And the case may be that you may find but if we become to dependent on the virtual world then that will drive us crazy.

While we browse and engage with such stories on the internet, we create more and more fears in our mind. And these fears then starts to affect our normal functioning. We start to imagine things in a different way. We might end up suffering from fear psychosis.

Fear is not good for health. Be it mental or physical. It negatively impacts our body, mind and the spirits.

No matter how bad the world is being projected by the big powerful media houses to rob you off your attention and focus and peace of mind, the world largely remains the same. Imagine what fraction of the world is humanity.

Only the third part is land and out of that too, only a percentage of it is inhabited by the humans. And that’s not the world real.

Your world is much better and bigger. So, stop consuming the negative media. Critically examine it from your health angle. Go to social media to learn, rejoice or find things to bring you positivity, hope and create your dreams.

There is ample amount of that. Abhor the negative news contents. Don’t start your day with negativity. Start your day with listening to hymns and songs that will energize you and make you feel hopeful of your day.

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