Change your mornings to make it Fit.

I am learning to live my life better.  This has been the focus for the past 5 years.  Although, I have always been on the quest for a better life and better living.  But, it’s only when I went deep down that I realized how much effort I needed to come back and thrive!  And that put me on the path of health, fitness and other similar goals.  

Lot of our time is going to work.  But, do we realize that work is not the only thing for which we took birth.  There are many more things to do in life.  The general rant that I had learnt while I started to work was, “Don’t have time”!  I started to question this “Why” 5 years ago.  

And that has led me to discover some of the most beautiful things in life.  When you seek, you shall find.  And that’s true.  So, in this blog post, I am dispatching to you one of the most crucial findings of my last 5 years fitness journey and the quest in life improvement.

And the finding is: 

Begin your day in the right spirits.  

How we start our day is the most crucial for our present and the future.  What you do each day is stacked up to build your life.  And how you begin your day is the defining factor.  

And among this too, the most defining part is your mornings.  How you design to spend your mornings will set the tone for the rest of your day.  My biggest increments to my life have come from the morning routine.  And therefore I will share the morning routine that I have today.  But before that let me narrate the morning routine that I used to have.

Unorganized Mornings

My Earlier Morning Routine was UNORGANISED.  I will get up at 8 am or after that.  So, I got up late.  Late in the sense that the world around me was already up in action.  Getting up late allowed me to just get ready to work and leave for the office.  I often got up in the morning with severe headaches.  I did not understand WHY?  until one day I was diagnosed with abnormal blood pressure that I had.

And the rest of the day felt the same: Boring and burdensome.  I would not feel either motivated or inspired to do any work.  And I guess, I had a very sour relationship with myself.  I felt like a drag for most of the day.  Infact, these unhappy trends when they swelled up and blew in my face, I took notice of them for CHANGE!

Many mornings I would skip my breakfast.  I would do so because I hardly felt hungry.  I had a heavy dinner the last night most probably.  I would often not get the motions in the morning!

And by the time I arrived at the lunch, my energy was almost sapped.  

So, what I observed in the process was that I had a very low quality of life full of discontent. And the major factor that I have figured out is: the lack of energy and the negative energy that circulated around me and I had no idea how to rise above them. 

Organized Morning routine. 

When I set out to bring change in my life, I took up the task of working on health and fitness. And that’s what I felt was the most basic of all that I wanted to change. 

And the most basic of that health and fitness pledge was that I start with waking up much before the world. 

And the first step I took towards my transformation was : on 31st December Night. I went to bed early so that I could get up early. So that I could go for a morning walk. 

Waking up early unlocks the time vault that we need the most to ourselves.

I woke up at 5:45 am and went for a morning walk. And felt happy. So happy that I took a selfie of mine and posted it in a WhatsApp group that consisted of school time friends. 

I felt good that day. When I went to work, I could experience the freshness for the major part of my day. That was the kick I felt. The presence of energy and that’s positive energy. While I was sitting at my old desk and doing the odd work, I did not crib that much. I felt the calmness inside. 

My inside was filled with the images that my mental scape captured in the morning. I had noticed the sun rising and its rays falling on me. I saw the kids playing on the ground. And the roads were quiet. There was something mystical about the morning. 

That first morning on the first day of the year was not about any new year resolution. It was to break away from my past and build something new. And this simple idea that I just need to feel better inside and for the rest of the day will pull me out of my bed for the next couple of weeks. May be I was totally fed up with the life I was having. And that pushed me to look for change or something else. 

Whatever it was, the inner voice was strong enough to keep pushing me further and further to reach a better place inside my head. 

Ever since starting to work on my morning routine, I have structured it well. I now have quite a few non-negotiables for the morning. My morning run. Reading a few pages from a book, listening to some inspirational speech or a song or simply coming to this blog and writing here. 

I spend my first 2 hours NOT THINKING ABOUT THE DAY. I spend it quietly nourishing my mind and the body. And that fills me with positive energy – physical, mental and spiritual.  I have a checklist of things that I do and monitor them on a daily basis. 

And this practice of living the mornings better for the past 5 years has not only made me fit and healthy, but I can see it’s huge impact on my family life and my work life. 

I think that’s because “I” is the key player in the game of “MY LIFE”. 

The way I live my mornings are now what I call legendary. Haha. 

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