Boston Dreams _self conversations!

Your own growth is the best revenge you can have on the world.

We so get put down by the world. Some relationships go sour despite we giving our best.

Some attempts go to ashtray despite best attempts made to secure the pursuits.

Our failures to lead the life the way we want may turn us into believing that we are the victims.

But, here you give up your limitless power. If you then take up the revenge idea and try to teach a lesson to the world, the first sabotage to your own self.

I have found that forgiving someone is one of the most difficult tasks. Specially, if that person ruptured my feelings about him/her and wonder me and my heart to cause a life long scar.

But, I have found that I can cure myself of this scar if I do decide to.

And so, I decoded to foucs on my health – mental and physical. I realized that if these could be on my side, I can face any storm with grace.

So, I gathered all my energy and ultrafocussed myself to building my own identity. I immersed myself into finding myself.

And from the day, that I began to work on this SDP(the self development project), I find that I have found it easier to forgive the other for all that it had done to me.

I realize now that I took their view about me as the final say. And their opinion that I was worthless was always giving me pain.

So, the real pain was not actually that the world was telling me worthless.

The real suffering was I did not know who I am.

Running a marathon has set in motion a wonderful conversation with the self. This conversation is a wonderful experience despite all the pain and the hardships.

And I discover that the real happiness is not about the physical and mental pleasures. The real happiness is about reaching a state of mind where you fully accept yourself.

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