On this Gandhi Jayanti, I feel good to share with you a thought that I have lived with for the past 4 years. And this thought has helped me to change and transform.

I have always been the kind of person who would say or find something wrong with everything around.

I would often think negative thoughts and blame! But it hardly yielded results. No matter how much you complain and moan over the way the things are wrong in this world, you can never change them much. And so expecting them to change is both a waste of time and energy.

But, I was too desperate to change my life. I was totally sick and tired of the ways my life had been rolling till then.

I had learned only this much that you need to dig money and more money. And that would set things all right. But, to my dismay I realised it was the biggest fallacy of my life.

Money is just one of the many things that you need in your life. Remember, just one of those!

So, obviously I could not be truly happy. I wished for higher and higher salary at work. And I did progress from where I was to where I am today. But, it hardly brought me the kind of joy and happiness I expected money to bring.

My life was falling apart. My healthy was failing and it was tearing me down. I was growing bulkier and fatter. My body showed the clear signs of fatigue and tiredness of living.

And life was kind of getting turning into a hell. It was at that his time that I came across this defining thought that set the course of my future. And became my mantra that I used it now every where.

You will find it on my what’s App status. You will find it on my car! You will find the quote in my home.

And the thought that really change my life came from the father of India – M K Gandhi.


Truly, we need the change and we keep expecting the change to happen on its own. But, we often forget that the change is MY demand.

And it may not be a universal demand. So, whatever field you want to improve, YOU need to step up.

I have never been bowled over more by any other thought than this. (of course the second best mantra I have is “just do it” by Nike).

Cut to 2021. I am celebrating this Gandhi Jayanthi happier and joyful. I have spent the last 4 years working on my health(running) and happiness, relationships and my craft(writing).

And I am truly joyous. Gandhiji guided me to find my freedom. His life is an inspiration to me. If you read his book, The story of my experiments with truth“. You will be able to notice that he is so much open about how he lead from one truth to another truth.

He kept himself open to what all came his way and kept moving forward. And that’s what it means to be the change. When he was thrown away from the first class compartment out onto the platform, he realised that this was the cause he was born to fight for.

Life keeps throwing us into challenges trusting us that we will wake up and get up one day and start our march towards glory. But, the change will not happen until we keep complaining and moaning about our sad state of affairs.

We need to act and become the change ourselves and the world will start changing around you and inside of you.

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