Be slow and steady: don’t rush, just run as you like.

We all get excited and wish to attain marvelous results in shortest possible time.

Infact, one of my friend, I saw taking some kind of pills to reduce his tummy.

I was once upon a time one of those. Its an exciting feeling however to share with you that you can make more progress by being slow an patient.

The reason is : our progress never follows a linear path. No amount of calculations can predict our progress with absolute accuracy.

Dabbling into money, I learnwd that, there is a principle of compounding that works behind every phenomenon in this world.

Good things compound. Bad things compound. Just like our money, everything in this world compounds.

So, if we forget the pace of our progress and focus on improvising in small bits and pieces, you will be shocked to see the results.

Start small and humble.  I first applied this principle to my savings some years back. What I did was I tweaked my pf contribution by few percentages. And left it at that.

No techniques, no big data planning. Nothing. One simple trick. And kept my adherence to it. This helped me to double my almost double my savings compared to my peers.

I have applied the same principle to get lean and healthy. I started to run.

Running is not a big deal. You can run soon after reading this. No training. No big equipments. No gym membership. No big gyan required. All it requires was my willingness to do the same thing, day after day. Month after month. And now year after year.

I was very slow in my first  8 months. My efficiency of 25 %. But, after 8 months, I started to see a rise in my graph.. And since then, it started to rise steadily.

I had started to run with 2 km. And I was stuck at 2 for a long long time. Initially, I was bothered.

But then, I turned away my focus. I said, ” let me work on what I can do. And leave it at that.”

I started to enjoy. I would get up early morning and go for a run. I would run very very slow. But, I would love to listen to the music that I had no time to spend time with for the past so many years.

My run time became my fun time. I enjoyed running through the route that had farms and fields on the way on either side of the road. The road would be empty and calm. The sun would rise as I would run. And I would be flued to listening my favorite songs. YouTube has made it so much simple.

Also, I started to notice that I found a resolutions to lot of my daily issues. This time became the productive time where I could think clear and straight.

This detour from my goals provided me a pleasant respite. I started to fall in love with the process of running.

Moving slowly towards our goals and enjoying the journey on the way is the best way to become a pro. You don’t lose sight. You can be flexible. You can never get tired. You can always keep the focus due to its simplicity

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