Be blessed with wealth of health

Today is celebrated as the day of wealth and prosperity.

I have often thought about wealth – the real wealth. I have wondered what could be real wealth for a person like you and me.

You and me have sustainable source of income. But what about our wealth ? Do we have that?

You see both may look similar but they are poles apart. Income is what your earning potential is. Wealth on the other hand is your source of survival. Wealth comes into picture when your active sources of income become zero.

As you and me belong to the working class, we are dependent on our jobs. The jobs that we go to work every day.

We may be getting a handsome income today. But ever thought what could happen if a day came when we could not?

Recently witnessed COVID 19. THE PANDEMIC THAT PUT THE WORLD UNDER LOCK DOWN. no work! No income!

But not just pandemics like COVID , but it could happen to us any day if we fail to take care of our health.

Health is often the most ignored part of our lives. No one really cares to see what’s happening inside our biological systems as long as it’s functioning and taking us to work and ensuring our income every month.

But, I have in my workplace have come across families devastated due to heart attacks, strokes. Many people are infected with abnormal levels of sugar and blood pressure. Sugar is a silent killer and abnormal blood pressure is a ticking time bomb. It can blow up any time.

I have seen that incident, the first hand experience of losing a beloved one. I can never get him back. Such losses that are unexpected leave a scar for life in the hearts of surviving members.

So, I suggest and look after the wealth that will allow you to survive longer and live better. Yes, I am talking about your health. Truly, health is the purest form and the truest form of wealth that we have been blessed. Don’t lose it at any cost.

On this occasion, all I wish for you is a life filled with good health and vitality. I wish you stay in shape and the almighty keeps you fit and agile.

Anything and everything is possible for a person who is healthy and fit. And here I eam not limiting myself to simple physical health. I am also including the mental and spiritual dimensions of our well ness.

Life is filled with challenges but no challenge is big if you are holding the vast reservoirs of health. You will overcome everything.

So, stay blessed stay healthy and keep running !

Happy Dhanteras to you 🪔

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