Basic tips to move from 2km to 42 km.

Bringing some amount of professional ethos to your hobby can turn you into a pro.

Sanju Runs: on my morning run

This is what happened to me in a span of last 2 years. I started out to enjoy the morning sunlight and the beautiful greenery around. And I fell in love with the PROCESS of running.

I have run over 3600 km in 2 years. And this was evenly spread over the entire span. I ran for 90% of the days of the year.

Hence, I want to share with you here the small tips that catapulted me into a BIG TIME runner who is now dream to turn ULTRA by the end of this year.

1. Run with a plan.

Start your day with a number in mind. Like, you wanna run 2k, 3k,4k,5k. Have monthly goals, quarterly goals and annual goals.
2. Make of note of everyday run.

Keep with you a notebook. Write down the your everyday mileage, the time you were on tracks. Anything special you felt. Your general observations.

3. Share your run stats

I do it every day. I use insta, FB, whatsapp, etc to share my running stays and general feelings about the day and the run.

4. Stay safe and injuru free

Don’t sacrifice your safety at any cost. Every thing, your mileage, your pace, your PB, etc is secondary.  The longer you want to go, the slower you need to be.

5. Keep learning everyday.

Watch videos, listen to podcasts, write your journal and note down what you see in your running. Look for areas of improvement.

6. Sleep tight and right.

Have 7 hrs of sleep. Period.

7. Use specialized running gear.

Need to have good running shoes, use right fabric for running. The more comfort you feel, the longer you can struggle and conquer.

8. Your Diet

It needs to be scientific. Don’t feed junk. Follow strict dietary guidelines.  Hydrate yourself well.

9. Enjoy

I never tried to run against my feelings. If I felt like stopping, I stopped. Don’t be mechanical, you will grow at your pace.


We often overestimate what we can do in a day, and underestimate what we can do in a year.

Remember, how tortoise defeated the rabbit. You will eventually win.

Anything else you wanna add, welcome!!

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