What is inspiration and who can do this?

Inspiration is like an electric charge that is transmitted from one person to another person.

Having a lot of it from people around me, I have noticed a clear pattern in those who kick my ass…

They are the ones whom I can relate to.  The stories of people who are having almost the same set of challenges are the best inspirers. 

I love to see them removing daily distractions of life to move towards their targets.

This helps me to find the micro steps that are most crucial.

The legends may be doing great things and rocking. But, I know for sure that we are at different planes and it would be absurd to listen to their wisdom.

May be there are among those who stay humble to their core and love to confess their pitfalls.

But, many just grow out of their spaces and leave it for eternity. So, whe they talk, they just talk from their angle. So, no use.

I am telling you this because of one incident. This guy is a runner whom I follow on insta.. He achieved his personal best so far. But, he is deeply upset. He claims that he achieved it with a deep injury in his leg.

He finished the full in less than 3 hrs. I don’t understand his theory and therefore, I can’t relate to him.


True freedom lies in chains of ground rules.

Today is republic day for India. It means, we as Indians formed a rule book and released it on this day. It was in 1951. That day, we promised that we would live by these cardinal rules. We resolved to follow them in every aspect of our political existence.

Since it’s launch in 1951, we have made many changes. It has undergone more than 300 200 amendments. However, the BASIC FRAMEWORK of the constitution remains the same.

Just like our rulebook of political existence, we have a constitution, we have our cardinal rules of living.

2 years ago, on 1st Jan 2018, I came up with the basic framework for my life and living. I resolved to change my life from being a boring and stressful one to one that would get inspired and inspire.

I started the work from the very basics. Below, I have listed them :

  • Get up early every day.
  • Savour a glass of warm water.
  • Spend some time in the morning with myself. Reading, listening music or just be with my thoughts.
  • Go for a Run/ walk to get sunlight every morning.
  • Get 7 hrs sleep.

I believe that,

Your physical fitness has to be fragile to give way to mental illnesses.


So, I started my work from getting my body in shape. I was weighing 96 kg. Had hypertension. Was a pile patient. Was suffering from mental stress and depression.

In the last 2 years, I have cut down my weight from 96 kg to 80 kg. It is now stable at 80 kg for the past 6 months. Tension or hypertension – I don’t experience them these days. No more constipation.

Next part of my work pertains to getting my mental fitness. Every morning I get up to experience some form of beauty in life.

I love to read. Books are the most accessible source of joy and happiness. They are like conversations with your best friends whom you want to listen without uttering a single word. I read inspirational, informative and motivational books.

We suffer mentally due to which we don’t feel happy. We feel upset or stressed. Once you have taken care of your physical well being, work on your mental well being.

So, I started to do that. These are the rules I framed :

  • Fear and love : these are 2 basic emotions to work with. Fear gets temporary results. It will eventually frustrate you and lead to negativity in life.
  • On the other hand, love is a positive emotion. Do things, move with people and immerse yourself in activities that you are in love with or simply love. Sailing in the boat of love is the best experience every inch, every moment.
  • What you love may not have social or public support. So, ignore that.
  • Be kind to others. Even to their put downs.
  • Focus on living your life. Build your own narrative.
  • Everyone is struggling to be happy. They are acting in the best possible way that they know of.

In the last 2 years, I saw my life take a turn towards the road to happiness, joy, fulfillment and a BIG transformation. I was stuck for years before I laid the ground rules to play my game of life.

I have found a passion when I cleared the clutter out of my life. I love to run. I love running. I am now free and running. Running is what brings my mind and body together and puts me under meditative status. When I started, I used to run 2 km. Now, I run marathon. That’s 42.2 km.

Running is about moving, taking action. Actions that bring about positive change. It brings joy and peace. Actions that signal to #BeBetter.

Folks, let’s run towards a life of freedom by laying some ground rules for ourselves. They are necessary for progress.

What rules do you have? I am interested to know! Please share in comments below.


Sports changes you forever :

When I was a small kid, I always feared the sports guys. I feared them because they were stronger and smarter.

Tune into present : I simply love them and adore them.  And I love the spirit of sports these days.

Just back from racing at India’s biggest marathon extravaganza, I am today a more fulfilled and a happy person.

All credit to my new year resolution that I took and started to work on 1st Jan 2018.

When I was going down in life and the work and thd general challenges were bogging me down, one day, I simply thought of this. “why not get up in the early morning and get some fresh air”

The morning sunrise always gave me hope. Do, while I losing all of it, I came up with the idea. The idea to just walk and feel good.

Walking gave me some kind of meditative kick. I could feel that 15-20 minutes of strolling left me with hope and energy.

This hope, the vibes of positivity and the feeling of good Ness are like drugs. Once you get them, you try to hunt them there again and again.

So, walking slowly, very slowly led me to dig into running. To feel better. To feel the high. Graduating from walking to running provided better kicks and more positivity.

But, the body was still fragile. Years of lethargy and unscientific food habits and erratic lifestyle had taken their toll on me.

I was having BP as well as piles. My eyesight had become weaker due to prolonged working in graveyard shifts at the call centre.

I was in typical late 30s when I started to understand that, “happiness is not just the state of mind, but also the status of body”.

This got me started into reading, googling, youtubing and reflecting on my life and its style of living.  I started my learning streaks.

I realized, I wasn’t too late. I could still do it. I had not polluter my body. I had not touched a cigarette bud or the bottle of vodka so far.. So the lungs and the liver were intact.

The magnetic pull of running endured my attendance on tracks almost everyday. I finished 1800 km in 2018. Then, repeated the same in 2019.

Back to back and Injury free. The immense progress witness on the field led me to repair my sagging spirits.

I found my smile back. I became more heart warming and well tempered.

Not only for myself, but for others as well. I took a leap of faith. I started to help others with their health issues.

Now, I am so much better off and richer in my life than I was just 2 years ago. _My love for sport has just begun_ .


The Tipping Point

Doing something ordinary every day can, break you into extra ordinary.

I have tried this in my life. Running every day for a few kms.

I will give the numbers. I run anything btw 1 km to 5 km every day. I get up in the morning. Have my tea. Read or write something. Motivate myself. Get into my running gear and head outside.

For running. This is sheer ordinary. You can do it. Your friends and family can do it. Nothing impossible about it.

We often underestimate what we can do in a year. And overestimate what we can do in a day.

To break into extra ordinary, I knew I did not have talent. So, I played on just being ordinary consistently over a long term.

And guess what, I ran a marathon. This is extra ordinary. It is something that puts you into rare air.

This is life’s little secret that I learnt while enjoying the process of running.

Now, I am using this ” ordinary consistently over a long term” to live a better quality of life, work and relationships.

Do something ordinary every day –

Relationships :

Send a message,
Greet in morning every day
Just call up once a week for 5 Mins.
Send a lovely gift every year.

Work :

-Take 5 Mins every day to review your work in the evening.
-take 5 Mins to plan your day in the morning

  • greet my customer even though he hates me or has a complaint in my staff services
    -ask him/her to sit down
    -tell my team to do their best every day. It just takes 2 Mins.
    -take up one step on a long pending issue

Self :
-read something motivational/inspirational for 10 Mins in the morning to get in the right mood.

  • else, watch a YouTube motivation video
  • take a pause from thinking while other person is telling me something. Just listen
    -then, wait for 30 secs to get over before I open my mouth
  • doing a favor to myself by telling that I am healthy
  • making sure I can smile at my done childhood memory

These small and very ordinary things when you will do over and over and over again over a long term,

Your life will be extraordinarily happy and joyful.

I can tell you. I took just few minutes to type this ordinary message to make your day a little extra ordinary. And mine too.. 😘😘


Running spill overs

While I am idle, traveling, I am wondering.

Running is so much more than numbers defined.

It’s about the process. The thing that started out as a way to get consistent with my morning routine. So that I can bring my health in good shape. I found running convincing to me.

As I set my eyes and the legs to run 42k, I have come a long way. The thing has progressed from being a health measure to being a hobby.

And it’s bloody a great hobby!! It helps you grow in all walks of life. My work, my personal life and my vision for my future have seen a total shift in a direction of immense possibilities.

*First, work* : work is no more a monotony. The endorphin high that I get first thing in the morning sets me on fire. While driving to work, I feel raring to go with my day. Almost, the whole day priorities are played out in that half an hour drive.

So, when I am there at my desk, I know what to focus on… Like, am I running a 5k or 10k or 21k..and I move along the same attitude.  I stay calm, composed and energetic through out.

_My energy levels in the morning an dthe evening are found to be almost same._

My personal and social relationships: oh gosh!! This part you should know. I was so short tempered a guy.. Of late, since I have started running.. More precisely in the last 2 years, I am more in control of my emotions.

When some one double crosses, I know I need to keep my emotions in place. I know, when I am supposed to get defensive or offensive. Or just plain neutral… And these flow towards some kind of creative outcome… So, I would get irate to a level that others can take!!

I am not really upset with anyone.. I know the objectivity of the talks..

I can say, I am happy with myself and I fins that people are struggling with themselves.. This gives me a big gratitude attitude towards others….!!

And for personal vision : I am doing so much. I started this website. I am running towards getting it to 100 posts. Once that is done, I will edit them and rewrite them to get it more readable.

Post my running 42k, I will be helping others to learn a little more about running. Ans there is a whole series of things that I have laid out. Books, podcasts, talks etc.

My life is looking to be moving in a direction of light ans hope.