Are you inspired to get up in the morning.

how to wake up in the morning

Are you inspired to get up in the morning?

Forget about waking up early, are you even inspired to get up in the morning?

Setting up multiple alarms

A lot of us don’t feel the energy to wake up.  When we are going to bed, we are putting an alarm in the alarm clock.  This is to make sure that we don’t oversleep.  Despite putting an alarm in the alarm clock, we don’t feel the energy to wake up.  Most of the alarms are set to be turned off and go back to bed !  So, there are multiple alarms set sometimes.

There may be several reasons for feeling like a drag in the morning.  One of the common reasons for rolling in the bed till late hours until the urgency arises is that we don’t really expect the day to be any different.  The same old flow of events to take place.  Like eating the breakfast, gearing up and leaving for work and then the day simply goes so on and so forth. 

Why do we do that

So, why do we do that?  Is there a way to get over this every day drag from the bed?  Is it possible that we are eager and desperate for the day to begin? So that we jump out of the bed immediately when the alarm goes off! 

You see there is lack of novelty in waking up.  What difference it would make if you just got up on time or even a little early.  “Would it make your day any different?  Would my boss bark a little less at me?  Would I be able to take a day off and relax and be able to do things the way I want to?”

If not then why.  This is how most of us look at our morning hours.  The most precious hours to lap on some extra moments in parardise(sleep!). 

Lack of Sleep

The no 1 reason for not being able to keep the promise to self to be up on time next morning is lack of sleep.  Lack of sleep is logically the most common reason why we would like to just hang in there for some more time.  We go to bed late.  Therefore we will get up late.  As simple as that! 

And gonna miss the morning glory day after day and year after year!

However, when we look in and dig a little deeper the culprit for going to bed late and waking up late is the lack of awareness on our part about the magical effects a fresh morning brings.  And until you have experienced it, you will never believe it.  I never did until I experienced it first hand.

Create awareness:  Self awareness

If you are the one who is still promising to the self that tomorrow you will indeed wake up early then, I must tell you that it is POSSIBLE.  Highly possible.  No need to force yourself by putting an alarm or the multiple alarms because that’s not gonna change or transform your mornings.  Ever! 

I will tell you a more insightful route to your magical mornings. 

Start a journal

Find a suitable notebook and start noting down your waking hours each day.  Do this activity without putting focus on waking up early.  Do it every day.  Do it for weekdays, do it for weekends.  After a few weeks or months, you will have the jottings of your waking hours. 

Now, turn the pages!  Look at each day and the respective time of your rise in the morning from bed.  How do you feel? Do you still feel the same?

While it may appear to be a known fact to you that you are waking up late every morning, it may not be something that you would have recognized as an established fact!  Our mind and the mood swings.  It thinks the way differently in the morning.  And differently in the night when you go to bed. 

As you progress in diarizing your waking up hours, it will start to become increasingly difficult to cope up with the fact that you are breaking and violating your own wish every day.  You will get into a face-off kinda situation.  Either you will give up your diary notings or the violations.

A journal will tell you what you are and what you have been doing. Minus all the emotions.  It lays the facts threadbare.  It makes it difficult to digest your own pitfalls.  You will get desperate to get out of the situation. And this may prompt affirmative action on your part.

Rewiring your brain

All you need is the realization that you are involved in a daily drama with yourself.  The daily noting down of your own actions will start to rewire your brain.  You may even notice that you would start to think about it all right in the middle of your work during the day. 

So, when you are back home, you may want to give up on the highly addictive elements like binge watching television or getting into a spat on the social media platforms.  Because now, you know that you gonna go to bed so that the train arrives at the station at the right time in the morning.

Getting up in the morning is as simple as that.  YOU DON’T NEED AN INSPIRATION.  You need a mechanism and the realization. 

Frame your routines and work with systems

You can feel great about yourself after you have woken up on time in the morning.  And that would be the positive emotion that you would experience.  The feeling of accomplishment.  The feeling of being in control of your life.

Having routines and structures are important in life.  Emotions are over rated!

Running a routine is anti to emotions.  As we live in a dynamic world, we need to keep a control over our emotions.  Act according to a routine you have set up for yourself so that you can celebrate !

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