Approach to Fitness needed

It is rightly said that the mind is the master. Body is just a slave to the master.

And mastering the mind is what it takes to excel at your task.

This is called mindset.

Working on fitness day after day has led me to discover a secret that I am sharing.

Like all other things that we do, we need to learn first. We need to understand the basics first.

Remember how you did in school. You first opened the textbook. Nothing went into your head. Then, you listened to your tutor. And you could make some sense out of those  halters in your book.

And then, you applied the same and you realized that it’s all bookish. You have to find the practical approach.

Theory is just a theory until it finds its validations. So goes for the cause of fitness.

A lot of us are armchair thinkers. But, If you really have the urge to find your fitness, then treat your fitness as a student would treat the process of learning.

Ever since I started to work on my fitness, I realized that there is a whole process.

I made notes. I made notes on what others said in their YouTube videos, in their blogs and posts on the internet and social media.

And then, I did my own rough work. I would like to say, you gotta attend to your fitness everyday. This is the big mistake we make.

We invest so little in our fitness. However, our expectations are way above than what we put in in terms of time and resources.

I started with like the mind, “it should not cost me this or that.” however, I realized that it is such an anomaly. You gotta invest into fitness like you do for other important things in life.

I know of a friend in the United States who told me that an hour of session with a fitness coach would cost $50.00. Now that’s the level of premium it commands to get the fitness advice.

But, we here have absolutely blasphemous attitude towards this kind of investment. People are so much allergic to finding the right gear, the right shoes and the right coach for them.

My logic is: if you can shell money on getting your x-rays done, get a consultation at a hefty fees after finding an appointment with pain to meet your doctor, then why you shy away form investing on preventive health care.

Keeping your self is like working on your preventive health care. So, we must have the same attitude towards the fitness regime. We must have the mindset to invest our time and monetary resources.

I always find people telling me, “I want to work on my fitness. But, I don’t have time!”

Its like telling I want to start investing into mutual funds and stock markets and make money but I don’t have money to start with.

And my understanding is if you really wanna get something done, you better allocate the time and the resources. I mean, *beg, borrow or steal* .

If we can borrow money to buy ourselves houses and cars, then why not we can have a more open attitude towards the body that is our first house and the first vehicle that we use.

If this body stops working or functioning, then no amount of money in your bank account, no palatial bungalows and none of your fancy cars would be able to give the comfort that you can feel in your body by working on it.

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